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5 Must Reads that will change the way you look at this world

5 Must Reads that will change the way you look at this world

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5 books that will change your Life

Books are one of my favourite topic. It gives us the amazing liberty of freeing ourselves and tapping into a world which might not be scientifically possible as of now. 
Simply speaking it frees us.

Books can teach us, entertain us, be our best friends and a constant support that we all look forward to.

It tells us about the vastness of our world and that there are a lot of people who have been in remarkably the same situation as we are in right now and how to deal with it.

Whatever you are doing in Life right now, these books will definitely change the way you look at Life, for the better

If you are a bookaholic then most probably you must have already picked this Gem up

But if by any chance you haven't then this is the time to
grab it.

Paulo teaches us via this gem how this world is an adventure and one must be courageous and persistent in the pursuit of his dreams.

This book gives us a great mix of spiritual awakening, a bit of romanticism and some really valuable life lessons.

It beautifully portrays us the importance of ambitions in Life and how the possibility of making your dreams come true makes life meaningful.

My personal suggestion to all the parents out there that this is one of the best gift you could give to your children to awaken them at an early Age.
Again a gem that you might have had a look into already. If not then do consider reading it this summer

Money as we all know is something that empowers us so it is always good to learn how to use it wisely.

This is not just a book but a great advice from a Father to his Son on what money really is. 

It enlightens us about how one should proceed towards this necessary evil called Money in one's Life

I might be seen repeating it but this is something I would definitely be gifting to my child.

Again a personal suggestion to all the parents out there that this is one of the best gift you could give to your children to introduce them to a great perspective about how to handle money at an early Age.

Shiv in this wonderfully crafted Gem of a book talks about a holistic approach towards Life.

He has divided the book into various chapters and urges the reader to use his book as a workbook to write down the takeaways from all the chapters as notes and implement them in his Life instead of just passively reading through them

Shiv in his well crafted story teller role uses stories to connect to the readers and gives them a way to remember the lessons and implement them in Life.

This book has a lot of personal importance in my Life as this is what my Father gifted me when I was 10. Obviously back then I couldn't relate too much but the stories this book has have always helped me whenever I felt low.

Attitude is where 80-90% of your Success lies is one of the biggest takeaway from this book.

It again is a great gift to your teens struggling to learn the meaning of Life and struggling in how to deal with it.


One of the biggest skill nowadays is how to influence people.

There are million dollar industries running just to enable you to influence the audience.

Dale in his unique and well established style teaches us the importance of this skill and how to effectively implement it in our daily lives.

Regardless of whether you are an introvert or an extrovert, works in a team or is a standout this is something you must have a look into.

Actually in my opinion this should be made mandatory in Schools as we as humans have to deal with bulk of people around us and Dale Carnegie shows us the way in this Book.


Life is a journey that takes us through a variety of different seasons and landscapes so as a traveler we must be aware of the things we must think about and what are the things we should avoid stressing about.

Mark focuses on the things we can and should avoid thinking too much of and hence making our lives less complicated .
This again is a must read to enlighten ourselves with the best way of dealing with our lives


I sincerely hope that these Gems help you and your loved ones shape their lives for the better.

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