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13 Ways to Refresh your Mind

13 Ways to Refresh your Mind

Personality development and self help 13 Ways to Refresh your Mind

Hey dear !!!

Tired of being stressed with failures and Bad Habits ???

Looking for a way to Improve your Habits and your lifestyle ???

Or Maybe you are fed up with the way you ARE and are looking for a growth strategy to better yourself

Well first of all let me tell you a harsh reality of Life

Life is neither Easy, nor Fair

The earlier we realize this harsh reality the better

But it has a good side too

WE as humans can control our behaviors, our actions and hence can influence our LIVES 

YES we can CHANGE our lives by merely changing what we do daily.

We control our moods, our health, our lifestyle and our state of mind too

YES, YOU heard it RIGHT
It is this realization only that takes our whole Life to come.

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13 Ways to Refresh your Mind

1.  Breath Deeeeeply and Slowly

Human body tends to take short shallow breaths when STRESSED, this further fuels up the anxiety and daily repetitions of this dangerous state eventually leads to depression and other psychological disorders

So take a moment and have some slow deeep breaths.
You can continue it till the time you feel relaxed and refreshed or can simply make a habit of doing the same 15 mins. daily

  • You can find some amazing breath controlling exercises on Youtube, Jason Stephenson is one of my favourite

2.  Explore Outside

Staying in the same place fuels similar thoughts and memories so try changing your ambiance by exploring outside

Go out on a walk or stop by a nearby park and simply explore the immense beauty of Mother Nature

3.  Buy or Make a few Home Decor Items to Cheer your Space

Humans love great ambiance and what best than to buy or make some really cool and creative decorative items to cheer your ambiance up.

Here are a few suggestions:

4.  Eat atleast one healthy meal daily

A homecooked healthy meal rich in carbohydrate, proteins, energy is all it takes to refresh your mood and make your body fit and active.

Veggies and Fruits are a must to keep you hydrated and full of essential Vitamins.

Preferably use a meal planner to plan out your meals daily.
This might sound a bit too much but believe me just try this out for a month and you will thank me you believed me.

Our body is a reflection of what we eat and do, while unhealthy fatty junk food makes it obese, ugly and lethargic, healthy meals will turn it into a total heaven you would love to flaunt.  

Here are a few meal planners you can use:

5.  Take out some Time to Worry


Well yeah

Instead of stressing about every small things daily why not just note them down in your diary and put them aside.

Set an appointment with yourself once in every week to go through that dairy and to stress over those points and plan out your strategy to deal with them.

Now you might be thinking how is that going to help

Well !!! Humans tend to stress over a lot of petty things having absolutely ZERO impact on them in the long run, so by postponing those stressful situations by writing them in your notepad will actually help you realize that a lot of those tasks you used to stress about are no more relevant after 3-4 days, or can easily be managed now.

Buy a new notepad for the same from your nearby store or you can have a look at the following too:

6.  Talk to Someone

This is something that actual therapists use to help people out of stressful situations

Personal Development and Self Help 13 Ways to Refresh your Mind

You may not feel like talking to someone but it actually releases a lot of stress.

Try talking with your family, they are God's best gift to us.

You can always try online platforms like Talkspace.

7.  Occupy your Mind with Creative things

Try watching some Movie or a new recipe
Or how about going Shopping 
Or maybe trying some new home decorations

You can try learning a new Music
or Playing a new Musical Instrument

You can try learning a new Dance form or a new Dance Step.
Or You can try Painting or Sketching

8.  Smile to Yourself when you look in the Mirror

Personality Development 13 Ways to refresh your Mind

This TIP is a GEM in itself

It costs absolutely nothing to put that curve called Smile on your Face, but the beauty and freshness it adds to you is immense

The moment you multiply it by looking into the mirror, the effect is simply magnanimous.

13 Ways to Refresh your Mind

9.  Take a Warm Bath/Shower

A warm cozy Bath fills you with all the positiveness and relieves stress and agony.

This is the best home therapy available for you.

You can use some Bath salts and let all your stress wash away as you bath

Here are a few to consider

10.  Cry it out

Sometimes when you are flooded with depressing feelings and thoughts it is better to simply Cry it out without any hesitations.

It will relieve you of a massive burden

11.  Look at the positives

Find positives in those situations.

For example : You might have had a fight with your best friend which might result in you both not talking for a while

But at least now you don't have to share your favourite meals with anyone for a while.

12.  Pray / Be Grateful

If you believe in some Godly power then do remember and thank Him for everything 

Be Grateful for every small things that you have right from your health, your house, food, water and everything because not many are blessed with them.

Being Grateful relieves pain and makes you humble and positive.

13.  Make it pleasant by Lighting some Candles

Make a pleasant atmosphere around you by lighting some candles to create a relaxing atmosphere

13 Ways to Refresh your Mind

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Implementation is the key to Success
Even a Good Execution is way better than the Best of the Thoughts, so don't just read it and forget, instead start implementing and Enjoy the Heaven on earth. 

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