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29 Habits of Successful People for a Better Life

29 Habits of Successful People for a Better Life

29 Habits of Successful People for a Better Life

Hey dear !!!

Tired of your Bad Habits ???

Looking for a way to Improve your Habits and your lifestyle ???

Or Maybe you are fed up with the way you are and are looking for a growth strategy to better yourself

I can feel you completely as I have been in the same situation some years back 

A lazy sloth, totally unmotivated and going down towards depression with each passing day.

Then One day I decided it's high time and simply took matters into my own hands and changed my Life for the good.

YES we can CHANGE our lives by merely changing what we do daily.

We control our moods, our health, our lifestyle and our state of mind too

YES, YOU heard it RIGHT
It is this realization only that takes our whole Life to come.

Daily actions shape our Habits and Habits change our lives so Here's the habits of highly effective people or simply the habits for success and peace in Life

Let's take a look at the 29 habits of Successful people that will transform you completely.


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1.  Wake Up Early and Meditate for 15 mins daily

If you already know some breath controlling exercises then well and good just perform them.

If not then
  • You can find some amazing breath controlling exercises on Youtube, Jason Stephenson is one of my favourite

2.  Plan Your Day

Jot down the goals you wish to achieve today
Use the notepad in your mobile or laptop for the same

I would recommend using a pen and a notepad to jot down the same because it gives you a sense of responsibility and achievement when you write something down physically than to just type it down.

Buy a new notepad from your nearby store or you can have a look at the following too:

3.  Eat atleast one healthy meal daily

A homecooked healthy meal rich in carbohydrate, proteins, energy is all it takes to refresh your mood and make your body fit and active.

Veggies and Fruits are a must to keep you hydrated and full of essential Vitamins.

Preferably use a meal planner to plan out your meals daily.
This might sound a bit too much but believe me just try this out for a month and you will thank me you believed me.

Our body is a reflection of what we eat and do, while unhealthy fatty junk food makes it obese, ugly and lethargic, healthy meals will turn it into a total heaven you would love to flaunt.  

Here are a few meal planners you can use:

4.  Have small breaks after every hour or two of work

Have small breaks to break the monotonous work and maintain a good balance. 

5.  Spend some Quality Time Alone

Don't go without meeting the best person on the planet, yeah you heard it right

Personality Development Hustlersquest 29 Habits of Successful People for a Better Life


Once in a while try taking yourself out for a lunch or a dinner.

6.  Get to know Yourself Better

Know Yourself Better
Do a SWOT Analysis (Strength-Weakness-Opportunity-Threat)

Use a Notepad to jot down your Strengths, Passions, Career Goals, Health Goals, Travel Goals etc.

Plan out what you need to do in order to achieve them.
Then work on to achieve them with smaller daily or weekly goals.

7.  Smile to Yourself when you look in the Mirror

Personality Development 29 Habits of Successful People for a Better Life

As sacred as No. 7 is considered this TIP is a GEM in itself

It costs absolutely nothing to put that curve called Smile on your Face, but the beauty and freshness it adds to you is immense

The moment you multiply it by looking into the mirror, the effect is simply magnanimous.

8.  Do some physical routine several times a Day

Stretch or Do some Yoga several times a day for 5-10 mins each.

9.  Eat Without Looking at your Phone or TV

Eat without any distractions, enjoy your meal, feel what you Eat you will find it much more tastier

Do try this out.

10.  Don't Smoke

It deteriorates your physical health and makes you lethargic

11.  Take Care of your Skin

Have a Skin Care Routine once in a while
Taking Care of your Skin in Today's World is equally important

Use any Good Skin Care product to keep your Skin Moisturized and free from pollutants.

Here is a bunch of products I prefer 

12.  Drink plenty of water

This is the most underrated Tip I have ever come across
Drinking plenty of Water, simple plain Water can keep you healthy and fit and can save you plenty of money

Yeah you read that right
It can prevent skin dryness, can regulate food flow and hence prevent constipation and gas related issues

Actually the benefits of Water are so many that you can actually make a blog post separately on it only.

13.  Take Care of your Nails

Hygiene is very important for healthy disease free Lifestyle and more often than we realize  our hands and our nails plays a very vital role.

Taking good care of them, washing them properly and often can can do away with frequent hospital visits.

Here are a Few suggestions from my side:

14.  Learn to do your Taxes

Just like your Hygiene, Financial Literacy is very important and what better than to start with your own taxes.

Learn to Do your Taxes online
There are plenty of videos available on Youtube to guide you with the same.

Believe me you will feel absolutely amazing after learning how to manage your finances.

15.  Spend less time on mindless Internet browsing

Lessen the Time you spend on useless Internet Browsing
Use the same for learning new skills and gaining useful knowledge.

16.  Play with your Loved Ones

Spend some time playing games with your Loved Ones

17.  Encourage yourself daily

Use platforms like Instagram and Pinterest to motivate yourself and keep your spirits high.

Checkout our channels @hustlersquest and @fascinatingfactz at Instagram for daily dose of  motivational pump and fascinating factual information.

18.  Buy or Make a few Home Decor Items to Cheer your Space

Humans love great ambiance and what best than to buy or make some really cool and creative decorative items to cheer your ambiance up.

Here are a few suggestions:

19.  Grow plants wherever possible

Plants not just makes the surrounding look gorgeous but also gives the much needed oxygen thus helping the body stay active and fresh for longer

Plant plants wherever possible

Visit a nearby nursery if possible or you can simply order them online too

20.  Read Good Inspirational Books Daily

Books are a humans best friend and can be a persons best mentor as well.
Use books as your fillers and read them whenever you get some time
Some Life changing tips and experiences learnt from them can change your Life forever.

Here are a few more suggestions:

Audio Books are now also available for FREE for most of these bestsellers

21.  Read Psychological Books Often

Human Psychology is very interesting and intriguing

In a world where we need to interact daily, knowing human psychology and behavior will help you a lot in understanding and responding to various people and situations appropriately. 

You can Subscribe to Instagram channels like @fascinatingfactz, @psychology_says_ that post Psychological facts daily to gain some insights.

Furthermore you can read these amazing books on Human Psychology :

Audio Books are now also available for FREE for most of these bestsellers

22.  Visit your Loved Ones often

Visit your relatives, friends, family often and plan out some time of your week in advance for them to avoid any last minute hassles.

23.  Plan out small trips per week or bi-weekly

Travel 29 Habits of Successful People for a Better Life

Plan out trips well in advance to the places you love to travel to.

Timely and effective planning will be saving you tons of money and last minute hassles.

Use a Notepad to jot down the places you have been to and the places you would love to Explore, The Hotels, Restaurant you would love to try out.

24.  Learn New Languages

New languages are your passport to a whole new Literature and Culture.

Utilize your free time to learn new languages of the countries you are planning to Visit.
Then test out your learning when you travel to that country.

Use mobile Apps like Duolingo, Babbel etc to learn at the convenience of sitting at your homes.

If you have enough resources then try joining some weekend courses to accelerate the learning.

Books anyways are the best resource.

You can find tons of such books on Popular sites like Amazon for almost all the Languages

Here are a few suggestions for you

and many more.....

25.  Explore New Music

Music is a gift from God that takes away all the tensions, negativity and fills us with Joy, Positivity and Enthusiasm.

Explore this gift of Music as a filler while commuting daily.

Checkout new genre of Music 

26.  Control TV Time

Control the amount of hours you dedicate to watching TV
Select and Choose wisely what you watch. Watch inspiring and informational stuffs on Nat Geo, Discovery etc.

27.  Use Oils while Bathing

Use bath Oils and Body Oils to nourish your Skin while bathing.
Bathing refreshes us and fills us with positive energy to tackle the day's challenges.

Use good quality Bathing Oils to double up the positivity and Health benefits

Here are a few suggestions

28.  Pray

If you believe in some Godly power then do remember and thank Him for everything 

Always keep this positivity in your Mind and Heart that God is there for you No matter what may be going in your Life and that everything can change if you BELIEVE

29.  Brush your teeth twice daily

Hygiene determines your Health and your Oral Hygiene determines way more than just your Health.

It is an important part of your Personality.

No one likes a stinky mouth with yellowish black teeth and a wicked smile 

So take absolute care of your Oral Health 

Visit your Dentist once in a few months and use a good toothpaste and a branded toothbrush.

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29 Habits of Successful People for a Better Life

Implementation is the key to Success
Even a Good Execution is way better than the Best of the Thoughts, so don't just read it and forget, instead start implementing and Enjoy the Heaven on earth. 

Good Bye !!!
Have a Great Day !!!
Looking forward to See You Again Soon !!!

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