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7 Ideas to Avoid Boredom in Life

7 Ideas to Avoid Boredom in Life

7 Ideas to Avoid Boredom in Life

Hey dear !!!

Daily routines, same sort of repetitive works, same Home to office-office to Home is bound to make your Life Boring 

And it is Absolutely Okay and Natural

Psychologically Our Brains simulate "opioids" , the chemical responsible for making us feel happy, relaxed and joyous, when we experience something thrilling and exciting.

Now the Big question is what to do in this daily routine to naturally simulate this experience and to keep our lives lively while developing ourselves

Let's take a look at the 7 ideas to avoid Boredom in Life
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1.  Master the Art of Getting Rid of Things

KonMari Method teaches us about the Art of Getting Rid of Not so Positive or productive Things

Taught by a Japanese Guru Marie Kondo this is a masterpiece in itself teaching us about the importance of keeping the things we love around us while removing the things that are just occupying space around you.

This is a very creative method to declutter and organize your Home while having fun

You can learn more about KonMari Method via some courses on Udemy or the following books will definetely add some spice in your Life via this amazing strategy

2.  Spend Time with Yourself Reviewing your Purpose

Take some Time to sit back and jot down your goals on a Notepad and chart out how you plan to achieve them.

This may sound a bit too much but that is what will help you track your Life and Purpose.

It will tell you about the areas you need to work on and how to manage your Time and Resources to do that.

For more details you can go through : "13 Ways to Refresh Your Mind"

3.  Buy or Make a few Home Decor Items to Cheer your Space

Humans love great ambiance and what best than to buy or make some really cool and creative decorative items to cheer your ambiance up.

The same ambiance, same repetitive things to see always leads to Boredom, so try changing your Ambiance by replacing some Home Decors with more enthralling newer ones.

Even better an idea would be to make some simple Decors on your own, that will give you some creative insights about a whole new domain 

Nevertheless if you have some Time constraints then simply buy some really cool stuffs on Amazon

Here are a few suggestions:

4.  Occupy your Mind with Creative things

This is basically a simple extension of the previous point only

Remember the chemical I talked about in the beginning ???
Our mind need newer exciting things to secrete it and make us feel happy and enthusiastic.

So try new things you always wanted to try but couldn't because of any reasons

This is the perfect time to start it:

My recommendation is to invest some money in it either in the form of buying new equipment or buying some course etc... so that the thought of that money going to waste will keep you charged to continue with that hobby

Try a new recipe
Or how about going Shopping 
Or maybe trying some new home decorations

You can try learning a new Music
or Playing a new Musical Instrument

You can try learning a new Dance form or a new Dance Step.
Or You can try Painting or Sketching

5.  Start a Self Care Routine

What better than spending Time to Improve Yourself

Your Physical Health is equally essential as your Mental Health, so spend some Time to Take care of your Skin, Nails, Hairs and everything

For more info on Best Habits Check : "29 Best Habits to Change Your Life Forever"

A warm cozy Bath fills you with all the positiveness and relieves stress and agony.

This is the best home therapy available for you for Free

You can use some Bath salts and let all your stress wash away as you bath

Here are a few to consider

6.  Read Self-Help Books

The Best and Evergreen Tip is to Read some Self-Help Books
Remember that even God loves a Hustling Soul who is ready to put in the efforts to help himself out and sends HIS best wishes and support to guide Him

So always spend Time on some useful blogs learning about the best stuffs to read and read and implement those proven strategies for a better Life

Checkout my post "5 Must Reads to Change Your Life Forever" to find out the collection of best Self-Help Books by some of the renowned authors that is helping millions to lead a better Life

You can also read  "29 Best Habits to Change Your Life Forever"

Here are a few more suggestions that are a must try:

7.  Make it pleasant by Lighting some Candles

Make a pleasant atmosphere around you by lighting some candles to create a relaxing atmosphere

Its basically about making a small corner in your room or if possible a complete meditation room

Fill this room with great relaxing music, with great aroma of incense sticks to make it the perfect relaxing space in your House

Use a humidifier if possible to freshen the atmosphere, you can keep a few plants to make the space more natural and soothing

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Implementation is the key to Success
Even a Good Execution is way better than the Best of the Thoughts, so don't just read it and forget, instead start implementing and Enjoy the Heaven on earth. 

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