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30 Ways to Improve your Looks and Appearance

30 Ways to Improve your Looks and Appearance

30 Ways to Improve your Looks and Appearance

Hey dear !!!

"30 Ways to Improve your Looks and Appearance" ???

What ??? that must be so "materialistic" and "outwardly" !!!

That's exactly how many people must be thinking on reading the title and that is what I actually wanted to negate via this article

Working on to Improve your Looks and Appearance is infact a very natural tendency that humans have and time and again it has proven to increase self confidence, social anxiety, mental health and is infact the best gift we could give ourselves

It is not at all a bad thing or too materialistic to work on to Improve your Looks as your physical and mental fitness and toughness improves when you feel confident about your body language and personality and believe it or not looks do contribute a significant portion in that.

An added benefit of Self care to Improve your Confidence or to Improve your Looks is that it helps you in understanding your worth and builds the best connection of SELF LOVE in you 

And Self Love is what helps you feel confident and comfortable

So let's dive straight into making ourselves Look damn awesome and feel absolutely amazing about ourselves

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1.  Get Enough Sleep

Sleep is what our body needs to restore energy and refresh our muscles, skin and almost everything

So take enough sleep, especially try to identify the times of the day when you feel the most sleepy and try to sleep without any distractions at those time slots because that is when your body wants you to sleep so that it can restore and make you fresh again

Take quality sleep for 6-7 hours a day

2.  Eat Juicy Fruits and Veggies

That sounds so Yummm !!!

Yeah our body loves natural juices too !!!

It glows when nurtured and given proper Vitamins and Proteins

There are plenty of fruits and veggies out there in the market

Try out new juicy fruits and make it a habit of taking fruits and veggies everyday

3.  Walk with a Straight Back

Walk or Stand or Sit with a straight back

It not only makes you look taller and smarter but also prevents your spine from various disorders and keeps it fit and healthy

You can use a brace to keep your back straight or there are devices and applications on Amazon that reminds you that you have slouched.

There are inclined chairs available to keep your Spine straight

A slouched spine is not at all attractive so one time investment in these accessories is absolutely worth your money

If you can consciously keep your back straight than that is indeed the best

Here are those accessories on Amazon

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4.  Meditate often

Meditate daily for 5-10 mins

The results and calmness will speak for itself and when you are fresh and calm it appears on your Skin and Face too

It makes you appear sober calm and absolutely attractive

Jason Stephenson in his Youtube channel talks about the ins and outs of Meditation and he indeed is amazing to listen to

Furthermore you can look at some breath control exercises in some of these amazing books available online

5.  Lift Weights once in a while

Not only will this make you look better and healthier but will actually make you stronger and will improve your stamina

There is no need to visit a gym if you are not a very big fitness enthusiast.

Just buy a few weights at your Home and you are ready to Go

There are tons of videos available on Youtube on How to perform exercises without any equipments

My personal suggestion is to try some cardio (running) and some weight lifting, planks and push ups every alternate day or every third day whatever suits you best

The main aim should be consistency and proper form and not greater number of repetitions.

6.  Smile often

It makes you look attractive and boosts your inner strength

7.  Lose or Gain Weight if needed

Focus on looking fit and healthy rather than fat or skinny

8.  Let your Lungs Breathe

Spend some quality time in parks or open spaces to let your lungs feel healthy.

A gush of fresh Air makes your mood amazing and the same is reflected on your skin and body too

9.  Buy new clothes

Buy clothes that matches with your skin tone and makes you look smarter and better

Furthermore try out different styles and see what suites you the Best

Buy clothes that fit you the best

The ones that doesn't fit you looks absolutely awful so choose your set of wardrobe very carefully

10.  Take care of your Eyes

Spend some time looking closely at your Eyes and see if your eyebrows are properly done or not

Adjust your TV and cell phone Time if your eyes are looking red

If there are dry layers and dandruff below your eyelids then use a good moisturizer and a proper eye drop in consultation with your Doctor

Use UV cut anti glare specs to avoid damaging your eyes due to prolonged usage of Computers and other screens

11.  Use Skin Care products

Invest in the best quality skin care products to moisturize your Skin and help it breathe easily

Your skin deserves the very best so use the best possible skin care routine to make it glow like a baby's skin

12.  Let your Lungs Breathe

Spend some quality time in parks or open spaces to let your lungs feel healthy.

A gush of fresh Air makes your mood amazing and the same is reflected on your skin and body too

13.  Use Natural Remedies too

Use natural remedies too to make your skin and body glow naturally 

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14.  Rethink your Makeup

Take a close look at the amount and quality of makeup you use

Don't overburden your skin with excessive makeup

Let your skin breathe and let your natural beauty speak for itself

15.  Buy some Accessories (Purse/Rings)

Buy some accessories that match your personality and the type of dresses you wear.

Be it a nice hanging purse or a small royal hand purse
You can choose different accessories from the rings to ear-rings to headbands to scarfs that suit your personality and the occasion

16.  Colour your Hairs to Suit your Personality

Yeah you heard that right

Colour your Hairs to match your personality and skin tone (if needed)

17.  Choose a Hair Style that suits You

Choosing a Hairstyle that matches your overall body language and personality is very important

Don't just follow the trend instead try out different hairstyles and see what works the best on your skin tone and face cut

18.  Brush your Hairs Often

It is very important and often not taken very seriously but that is indeed very helpful in making you look confident and feel fresh

Neatly brushed hairs speaks volumes for you

Furthermore brushing gives a much needed massage to your head and scalp

19.  Choose a good Shampoo

Choose the best Anti Dandruff shampoo and use it regularly to keep your hairs smooth and silky

20.  Use Good Hair oils

Select good quality hair oils that nourishes your scalp and make you look beautiful and confident

Avoid using too sticky and too smelly hair oils and instead go for non sticky and non smelly oils

21.  Massage your Cellulites

Self massage your Cellulites and make them stiffer and better looking over Time

22.  Drink More Water

Drink lots and lots of water

It makes your skin and the entire body healthy and fresh

Water keeps your skin and digestive track hydrated and makes you feel comfortable and fresh

23.  Find out your skin tone

Find out your skin tone so that you can match it with a good accessory and corresponding dresses and makeup

24.  Use Good Hair oils

Select good quality hair oils that nourishes your scalp and make you look beautiful and confident

Avoid using too sticky and too smelly hair oils and instead go for non sticky and non smelly oils

25.  Buy shoes/sandals that suits you

Try out different shoes and sandals that suit you and your overall personality and dressing sense

26.  Whiten your Teeth

Whiten your teeth as it enhances the beauty of your smile

White and bright teeth makes you look absolutely amazing and confident

Brush your teeth twice daily, use good toothbrush and toothpaste and don't ignore your dental hygiene.

Use a good quality mouthwash to make your breath better

27.  Try Contact lenses if specs doesn't suit

Try out contact lenses if lenses doesn't suit your face cut and overall personality

You can use different colour of lenses to suit your face colour, cut and personality

28.  Use Rose Water Spray

You can carry a rose water spray in your purse to use it several times a day to keep you looking fresh and hydrated

29.  Massage your body regularly

Massage your body regularly to keep it fit and healthy

It also prevents it from strains and aches

Make it a habit of massaging yourself daily and you are good to go.

30.  Treat your body with Love

Give your body the love it deserves and it will give you the health and respect you deserve

I hope these tips will help you grow as an individual and look more confident and Improve your Looks and Appearance

Loved these Tips ???

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Implementation is the key to Success
Even a Good Execution is way better than the Best of the Thoughts, so don't just read it and forget, instead start implementing and Enjoy the Heaven on earth. 

Good Bye !!!
Have a Great Day !!!
Looking forward to See You Again Soon !!!

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