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8 Ways to Improve Work Performance that Everyone Must Know

8 Ways to Improve Work Performance that Everyone Must Know

8 Ways to Improve Work Performance that Everyone Must Know

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Nice to have you back to one of the most important  and often sidelined topic of our lives, especially if you are an employee working 9-5

" Work Performance " and  "How to improve Work Performance ?"

Work Performance basically means the way a person performs a task given to him/her.

And How well or poorly a person fares in that task can be measured using certain measuring standards like quality, quantity etc. which cumulatively is then termed as the work performance.

So today we will be discussing about the 8 easy strategies through which you can better the way you perform your work and ride that curve of success in your lives.

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1.  Set SMART Goals : Know What You Want

Yeah you read that right 

Before you could achieve anything you must first be crystal clear about what you want to achieve

And the best way to do that is by setting SMART goals

Now what does this SMART means

S                Specific
M              Measurable
A               Achievable
R               Realistic
T               Time Bound

Set specific goals like "I want to lose weight by doing cardio daily"
You must be very clear in the process you will be using in achieving those goals

Your goal must be measurable like "I want to lose 25 pounds"
Here you have measured your goal as 25 pounds of weight loss.
This is very important to keep you on track while achieving your goals

The goal must be Achievable and Realistic, which means it should not be too fancy out of the world which is even scientifically quite impossible like "I want to lose 25 pounds in 5 mins"

Making impossible targets will wither your will away very easily when down the line you start realizing that it indeed is very difficult to achieve

Let me make myself very clear there, your goals need to be realistic but challenging, because that is what will improve you over time

Lastly the goals must be time bound as it gives you a deadline to achieve them and plan different parts of your goals in advance

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2.  Organize and Prioritize : Break your Goals into smaller daily goals

Create  a daily schedule and jot down all the tasks you need to complete in that day

Now prioritize the tasks according to their importance and impact

This will help you focus your time and energy on the task in hand without worrying about other pending tasks as you have a time slot set for them too later in the day.

For example

If you have to bake a cake and go shopping and organize a dinner then you can set time slots like I will go to a mall and shop from 10 am to 1 pm after which I can come Home and have my Lunch and some rest till 3 pm and can work on my cake thereafter till 5:30 pm followed by a short coffee break and then dinner preparations can continue till 8:00 pm

Include breaks and some buffer time in your time slots to ensure you achieve them even if you don't work perfectly according to the schedule.

Once you see yourself achieving great timely results by employing this strategy you will find a great boost in your confidence.

3.  Avoid Distractions and Stop Multitasking

Like me, a lot of you must have tried being on a call while answering your email or might have tried working on two different presentations simultaneously.

Better to believe it early that Human brains are designed to work with the best efficiency while single tasking.

You might have boasted of multi tasking for years but just look back and ask were the tasks you did of the best quality.

The obvious answer would be "NO"

And that over time makes us more and more complacent and in order to achieve more and more in less time we start compromising on quality and over time that becomes our way of doing work

This eventually results in multiple revisions of the same task and end up making us under performers.

Multi tasking lowers IQ, EQ (Emotional Quotient), increases stress and mistakes

So focus on a single task at a time and stay away from any sort of distractions and unnecessary gossips while working.

This is the reason I asked you to include time slots for breaks and having lunch and snacks while planning your day so that you can limit your gossip and free time to lunch and snacks and can have a laser like focus while working on the designated task.

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4.  Manage Interruptions well

Whether you want it or not but you will definitely be interrupted quite a many times during your work.

So you must have a strategy on how to handle the interruptions

Make a note of the people who can come to talk to you today and jot down the points you may have to discuss against each one's name.

Now whenever that person comes to discuss with you take 5-10 mins and discuss each and every point that may relate to that person in your project.

You might be thinking, how is that going to help

Well, if a person is satisfied with all the 10 points he intend to discuss with you in 10 mins discussion instead of coming for 2-3 mins for each point 10 times a day you are going to save a lot of time.

In addition to that you might have realized that the concentration with which you were working fluctuates when to come back to work after each distractions.

So try your best to limit the number of interactions by covering all the points at a single go.

5.  Find out your Blind Spots

We all perceive ourselves in a certain way but that most of the times is not how the world and basically the people around us sees us as.

So it becomes very important to know how our actions are perceived by the people around us

At times even our positive actions might appear negative to our colleagues so a true feedback on how we are perceived is very important for our development

Ask people around for a true feedback on how they perceive us as a person and a colleague.

This will give you a true image on what you need to improve and what you are very good at

Take their feedback constructively and be open for some changes to adjust your inner self with what you are perceived as.

This will help you a lot in the long run

6.  Get your Bosses Eyes

Don't take that literally (even if you want to)

The point here is to look from your bosses perspective at the tasks given to you.

What would you expect had you been in his position

Then do that exactly and try to include a few more things that will improve the quality of your work than is asked by your Boss

The amount of trust and respect this will build for you amongst your colleagues and bosses will eventually help you skyrocket your growth.

7.  Get a Mentor / Become a Mentor

Identify the people around you that can help you learn the technical and managerial know hows of the organisation 

This will help you build your competency both technically as well as professionally 

Another great way to revise and revisit your knowledge is by mentoring others

Teaching is by far the best profession because it builds your confidence in your knowledge while also enhances your inter-personal and managerial  skills

8.  Become a Great Finisher

Almost all of us are good starters but sadly only a few of us know how to finish well and that is what makes all the difference.

You might have seen a lot of people start new things almost every month be it a new hobby or some new resolution or a new business idea and one month down the line they are not even remembering it.

This is where you can make a difference.

Make it a habit to finish what you have started in the stipulated time frame.

Put motivating notes and banners if possible around you to keep you focused on achieving the target you set for yourself

I hope these tips will inspire you to become a better version of yourself and lead a great Life

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