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How to Achieve an Ideal Work Life Balance | 11 Tips That Actually Works

How to Achieve an Ideal Work Life Balance 

11 Tips That Actually Works

How to Achieve an Ideal Work Life Balance | 11 Tips That Actually Works

Work Life Balance

One of the biggest topic that almost everyone today is talking about

Let us first understand what Work Life Balance actually means

Many big professional practitioners can be seen defining it as the balance we need to create between the two lives we live, the office life we call Work and the personal life we call Life

But I differ a lot in terms of defining this important aspect of our lives that we stress so much about

We are a simple single Human Being with a single body and a single soul, so how come we are living two lives or are made to believe to be living two lives

The true fact is that we are not living two lives

We are living just a single Life and the Work Life balance that we are dealing with is the balance between

The Work we do daily, be it Community work, Work we are paid for, House chores etc

The Life we are living, the health we have, the state of mind we are in, the mood and mindset we have, the attitude that we have etc

And it is damn important to understand it further and find ways to strike an optimum balance to be happy healthy, wealthy and satisfied

So let's dive down to learn 11 Proven Tips that actually help in striking that optimum Work Life Balance

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1.  Find the tasks that are Important and Urgent

There are certain tasks that fall into this category

We need to find those tasks and do them first, because not doing that can have some consequences

Whether these tasks fall into your Work category or Life category, when there is an urgent and important task at hand you should allocate a good chunk of your time to finish them first while all other roles can take a back seat at that moment

For example if there is some diagnosis of excessive fat in your body and doctor has prescribed a healthy lifestyle and 1 hour of cardio daily, then you must give it an hour of cardio daily otherwise your health will be deteriorating further

Checkout " How to be happy in Life : 11 Ways to Create a Life You Love" to learn about how to keep yourself Happy and energetic

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2.  Stop doing the tasks that are neither Important nor Urgent

We waste a lot of our precious Time on stuffs that are neither important for our personal or professional growth, nor are urgent

These are the Time wasters that most people can be found dedicating the best of their times to

These Time wasters are often long hours of Television, Social media, useless gossips

These things when left unchecked end up eating a lot of our important time

To deal with this, just jot down all the things you feel are not important and urgent to your personal or professional development and avoid indulging in them as far as possible

This will leave you with plenty of Time for the things that matter the most like family, friends, your personal time etc

3.  Set Goals and Work towards it

You can never reach a place if you don't have the destination defined

Just like an Uber app wants you to add your destination address for it to find the best route for you, similarly without a destination in mind no one can help you plan and prioritize your Life

Find a goal and plan out an action plan to help you achieve it

This will help you channel the time you are able to create for yourself by flushing out the useless time wasters as highlighted in the previous step, into something better and more fruitful

Another great advantage of working on your goals is that it will give you a sense of purpose and will fill your mind and body with positive energy thus helping you achieve the work life balance

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4.  Let your Eyes Relax by Removing that Screen infront of it

This age of smart phones and smart devices have often made our lives too dumb to Live

We spend a lot of our Time bent our our smart screens, sending a whole lot of heat right into our eyes

This heats them up and causes stress and anxiety

Repeated and prolonged use of such devices end up hampering our creativity and often leads to various mental and physical ailments

Plan out an upper limit to the number of hours you will be spending infront of screens, and use definitive intervals and breaks between your sessions

Try to limit the screen time to around 7-8 hours a day with breaks in between

This will improve your mental and physical well being thus helping you achieve a Work Life balance

5.  Embrace Healthy Eating Habits 

A healthy body simulates a healthy mind and a healthy positive atmosphere

Healthy eating habits will help you achieve greater work efficiency and will be reducing your down time due to injury and sickness

Even during the most busy meeting schedules find some time to take a meal, never skip a meal

Reduce the intake of junk food which you might be choosing to reduce your Time on the way, instead try using home made food rolled up into easy to take roll ups

Keep a small tiffin box full of chopped fruits at your office desk to fill your belly with juicy fruits instead of the junk foods that people usually use

In addition to this do keep a water bottle and drink 8 glasses of water everyday

These tips may appear small but can have long lasting effects on your health and overall productivity

6.  Have a Good Sleep cycle

Sleep relaxes our body and free our minds of the loads of stressful thoughts that we might be encountering throughout our day

Sleep is so important for us that after around 3-4 days of not sleeping people start to hallucinate and start losing mental stability following by deterioration of physical health

Find the hours that provides the best comfortable sleep, and use those hours to sleep soundly

Focus on getting quality sleep over a lot of sleep

You might have seen you getting up after long hours of sleep only to feel more tired

That is not what we want to achieve and that is why finding those sweet sleeping spots is important

If you feel sleepy just after getting home, try sleeping early and then you can rise earlier to focus on other jobs when you are fresh

For an average human 6-7 hours of sleep a day is normal

7.  Identify the most Productive hours

Everyone has a set of hours in their day which are the most productive hours

These are the hours wherein the individual has the best possible concentration and mindset to work

Identify those productive spots and dedicate that time to finishing the biggest tasks of your day

Everyone has different spots of time when they are at their best, someone feel most comfortable early in the morning, while some find late hours to work the best for them

Make the best use of those spots 

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8.  Follow POMODORO Principle

According to this Technique, you have to take regular breaks after every 25 minutes of work for around 5 minutes

After completing 4 such cycles take a bit longer break to recharge your mind and body

I have a bit of a modification in this technique

Find the perfect time period that you can go on working straight without loss in enthusiasm and productivity, then make it your POMODORO

Work for that amount of time straight then take a break for around 5 mins and repeat that cycle

This is like finding some time to relax and sharpen the axe, which will boost your overall productivity and will relieve your mind of unnecessary stress

9.  Plan your WEEK well in advance

Instead of planning your day, plan your week

This will give you a fair amount of idea about what all lies in future and how to dedicate time slots to get them all done in time

When I am saying plan your week, means plan your entire day be it office work or personal work that needs to be done or vacation or a holiday, plan everything right at the beginning of the week itself

You can use your outlook calendars or a much better way is to go buy a Planner and jot everything down in it

Here are a few to consider online

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10.  Learn to Say "NO"

At times, we end up taking a lot of task that actually should have been done by someone else, just because of our inability to say "NO"

And remember that everytime you are taking up that extra burden and are not saying "NO", you are actually saying a big "NO" to a lot of other commitments of yours and most of the times, it is our personal time with ourselves that suffers the most because of it

Saying "NO" is not rude, if said appropriately

Instead of focusing on countering the other person's request, use a more influential approach of highlighting your work's or your commitment's importance

This will make the other person unable to push further as it would be rude on their part to belittle your commitment's importance on your face

Use the technique of repeating and emphasizing the importance of what other person said followed by an "and" suffixed by your commitment and it's importance

Remember to use an "and" instead of a "but", because a "but" negates what appears before it, thus leaving them with an opportunity to counter your claim as you just unintentionally happened to counter their's with that "but", so use "and" instead

For example

Say Anne I understand that completing your presentation today is very important "and" I have my child's first birthday celebrations today

And you will be seeing 9 out of 10 times, the other person won't be countering it

Repeat the same technique till the person is persuaded to let you go !!!

11.  Dedicate some Time slots to Answer your Emails

A lot of people tend to waste a lot of their time just checking and replying to E mails

E mails are a formal mode of communication and not the mode that has to be answered instantly

Had there been an emergency the other person would have given you a call directly

Make time slots like 15 mins in the morning from 8:00 to 8:15, half an hour before lunch from 12:00 to 12:30 and so on

Check your E mails only in these time slots only, this will give you loads of undivided time and attention to more important and urgent work

Make this a practice and even let your colleagues and clients know about it if possible and you will be scoring brownie points for your professionalism and discipline, in addition to lower stress levels and a better mental health

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