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How to be Happy in Life : 11 Ways to Create a Life You Love

How to be Happy in Life 

11 Ways to Create a Life You Love

How to be Happy in Life : 11 Ways to Create a Life You Love

We all want Happiness in our lives !!!

But have you ever wondered what is it that we call Happiness ???

Is it Fame???

Is it Money???

Or Is it a Feeling???

The Oxford defines Happiness as "The state of being Happy"

To understand it more clearly lets see what "Happy" means

According to Oxford Dictionary "Happy" means "feeling or showing pleasure or contentment"

That gives us some clarity that Happiness basically means "the state of feeling content and pleased"

Simply speaking Happiness is the ability to find gratitude and satisfaction in the moment that you have right now  

And Happiness is something that can be easily created by making some really small but very powerful changes in ourselves, our surroundings and our relationships.

So lets dive into the 11 ways to make you feel happy and create a Life You Love

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1.  Conquer Your Mind

Yeah you read that right !!!

Buddha said "Conquer Your Mind and You will WIN thousands of battles"

Often times we don't realize that the biggest battle we could ever be fighting in our entire lifetime is within our minds, with ourselves only

And that is what Buddha so graciously identified and talked about in that quote

Now the question is How to Conquer Your Mind ??

Humans are beautifully designed by GOD to ruminate more on negative experiences than the positive ones

WAIT !!! WHAT???

We are designed to think more about our negative experiences than the positive ones??

Well that is absolutely correct

Okay that might be a little bit difficult to digest but that is what is the case and the reason behind this is "Evolutionary Adaption", i.e to learn from our bad experiences and negative encounters to avoid them in future

This means that you have to work a bit harder to do away with your negative thoughts

Accept that you have negative thoughts

Unlike most people who refuse to accept that they are having a negative thought in their minds simply accept that, it will absorb all the power out of that negative thought.

You might have noticed the more we say that "I will not think of a pink horse", the first think that your mind will make you to think will be a "pink horse"

So don't just give these thoughts power over you by simply accepting them and not thinking or avoiding to think about them.

Advice yourself as a Friend

What advice would you give a friend of yours when feeling down and in the same situation?

Now apply the same to your situation

Why is it important to give ourselves an advice as a friend?

Because we tend to give the best advises to others...That's what we do!!!

Assess your situation and give yourself a positive boost

Assess the situations and circumstances based on facts

Ask questions that help you realize the truth and facts about the basis of your negative thought and more often than not you will be realizing that you were over stressing unnecessarily.

That is the power of discovering the truth

Use questions like

What are the facts to prove this?
Am I biased to judge on this situation?
Am I understanding the situation correctly?
What would have been my reaction had it happen to someone else?
Is it really worth the time stressing about?
What is the worst impact it could ever have?

The crux of it all is that negative thoughts come to all so learn to deal with them rather than trying to avoid them and keep fueling them with power over you and your happiness.

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2.  Practice Optimism

Nothing is more powerful than the power of a Positive thought

History speaks volumes about armies and personalities that have won wars and situations just with the power of a positive belief

Let's make it very clear from the very beginning that Optimism doesn't mean ignoring the dire adverse situations of Life

It simply means to think in a positive and more affirmative way for every situation

Like when fired from a job
One can opt to think about the freedom to choose a new job role and trying out different challenging responsibilities, over the gloomy thought that you are doomed.

And more often than not you will find people with positive outlook to every situation attract a lot of positive energy and positive people naturally, and that is what any company tend to see in their employees in addition to technical competency.

So make a resolution to yourself right now to find positive things in everything that happens to you daily

Lastly Optimism is infectious just like pessimism, so try hanging out with optimistic people and you will find yourself surrounded with positivity and Happiness

3.  Master the Art of Controlled Breathing

Breathing is what differentiates a live body from a dead body

And it does so because breathing is what gives our body the much needed liveliness and energy by helping in the flow of fluids 

Everyone must master the art of breathing for two reasons primarily

One because it is absolutely free and flexible to implement in terms of time and place

Breathing practices can help reduce symptoms like anxiety, insomnia, attention deficit disorder, depression and a multitude of other such disorders 

There are tons of Youtube channels teaching the benefits of Yoga and breath control 

So just take some time out and learn some breath control exercises that are easy to implement almost anywhere and at any time of the day

You will notice the amount of freshness and positivity almost instantly on repeating these easy tactics with your breath

Jason Stephenson on Youtube is one of my favourite as far as meditation and breath control goes

There are tons of books on it too, try reading a few in your spare time
Here are a few I personally recommend on Amazon

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4.  Follow the 1-Minute Rule

Now what is this 1-Minute Rule??

According to this golden rule or more of a 1-Minute Challenge, just identify small small jobs and tasks that can be finished within a minute

Make a list of all those tasks and write them down on a notepad or your tablet

These tasks can be as easy as

Picking your clothes and folding them and putting at their proper place
Cleaning your shower area
Placing your shoes at their proper place
Arranging your makeup at the makeup table properly
Placing your towels at their respective place
Dusting your bookshelf
Washing your Coffee Mug and so on ....

The evident and question now would be How is this gonna make me happy ??

We humans tend to find a boost in confidence and overall persona whenever we finish our job in Time

The small small jobs that you might already be doing doesn't add to this confidence because we don't often see them as goals or tasks to complete

By making a list and ticking those boxes after finishing them satisfactorily you will see that you have achieved so much in such a minuscule of time 

This will boost your self belief and enhance your confidence in your commitments to yourself

Mark my words here, note them down somewhere if possible but this is the key to happiness "Honoring your Commitments to Yourself " is the most important confidence booster

If you make it a habit of honoring your 1-minute commitments, 5-minute commitments, 1-hour commitments and so on you will be realizing that you now have the ability to make true what you commit to yourself.

So boost up your self belief by practicing this 1-Minute Rule.

PS : Even if none of this happens to you (which is worst to worst case ), still you will end up making your space cleaner and better which anyway is gonna boost your mood because humans love clean and lovely ambiance.

5.  Master the Art of Getting Rid of Things

KonMari Method teaches us about the Art of Getting Rid of Not so Positive or productive Things

Taught by a Japanese Guru Marie Kondo this is a masterpiece in itself teaching us about the importance of keeping the things we love around us while removing the things that are just occupying space around you.

This is a very creative method to declutter and organize your Home while having fun

According to this technique just hold everything in your Hand and think for a moment whether that thing is really important or special or something that gives value and purpose to your Life ?

If the answer is "NO", and there can be just two definite answers possible here, Either a clear "YES" or anything less than that is a sure "NO" and if the answer is "NO" then you really can do without that thing in your Life

Use this powerful method to lighten the burden both physically and emotionally and take a leap towards a successful and a happy Life

You can learn more about KonMari Method via some courses on Udemy or via some Youtube videos or the following books will definitely add some spice in your Life via this amazing strategy

6.  Choose a Happening Community

We humans are a social being and hence choice of community affects our happiness and energy

The Knight Foundation and Gallup surveyed 43000 people in 26 communities to find out the factors that determines whether a community is impacting you positively or not

The major contributors to our happiness are :

a) Openness and Togetherness

People love to be in places where they feel welcomed and appreciated. So a community that is welcoming to new members with a warmth is absolutely a positive and happy place to be in

b) Serenic Beauty

Humans admire and are attracted to beautiful things and when it comes to the choice of place to live in, serenic beauty and ambiance plays a vital role in keeping us happy and energetic

c) Social Events and Gatherings

A community that celebrates and find reasons for social gatherings are always a better place to be and grow in than a place where people are hardly bothered about their neighbors 

Keep all these reasons in mind while choosing a community for living and if possible stay at rent at any place for few months and then decide whether to buy a house in that locality or not

Look for neighborhoods with green commons and community parks, street festivals and gatherings

Even if that is not possible, encourage the community you currently live in to start organizing small get together and events celebrating each others success and life events like birthdays and anniversaries

7.  Spend some Quality Time in Nature

Nature is what we belong to

GOD sent us in nature's lap before we built this cemented world for ourselves, but naturally our body feels much more relaxed and happy when in nature's lap

Find out some time that you can spend in Nature, be it a simple walk in the park or some trip out to some serenic beauty, with friends and family or even alone sometimes.

The natural calmness and beauty brings much needed positivity and freshness to our moods and helps in both mental and physical relaxation of the body.

So once in a while spend some time out in Nature

8.  Make your Bedroom, Your Best Room

Bedroom is where you experience the best of your moments

From the best of your sleeps to the most romantic moments of your Life, everything best happens in your Bedrooms, so make sure you make it a place you love to spend some quality time in

This is the best way to feel absolutely relaxed and positive

When you go on a vacation and live in some of the very best hotel rooms and cottages that feeling of calmness and peacefulness is simply amazing

Create a similar sort of experience in your Bedroom and you will be feeling an extra ounce of energy and positivity

Buy new comfortable bed-sheets, buy some home decors to make the place lit up, use room fresheners, place some plants in the room to make way for some fresh oxygen 

All in all, make it the place you would love to spend time in

9.  Find Purpose at Work

We spend about a third of our Life and almost half the Time we are awake at Work be it in office, factory, shop or your Home Office

And hence how we spend this Time decides the way we feel

Surveys reveal that the people who know how their work impacts the world to be a better place, are not only more happy and satisfied but also have a better work performance

So find out the impact that your job creates in the Life of people, as not everybody can be doing charity as their full time job.

An electrical engineer working at a multi national, building substations and erecting electricity towers at remote stations may feel how the hell am I impacting the society, but again a true reality which he needs to see is that it is because of his efforts that even the remotest of the towns and cities are getting electricity and hence is influencing the lives of millions in getting better education, healthcare and overall a better place to live in.

A janitor in a similar manner is helping societies and educational institutes live, work and shape the future leaders without having to worry about any external intruders to disturb them

Similarly everyone is creating and impacting society positively in some way or another, some are more obviously visible while others may not be that visible but are equally and sometimes even more important and critical.

Find that purpose and value that you are offering to the society and you will be happily seeing a boost in not only your happiness but also your work performance

Read " 8 Ways to Improve Work Performance "  for more tips and strategies to Make your Office life worth living

10.  Become a Great Finisher

Almost all of us are good starters but sadly only a few of us know how to finish well and that is what makes all the difference.

You might have seen a lot of people start new things almost every month be it a new hobby or some new resolution or a new business idea and one month down the line they are not even remembering it.

This is where you can make a difference.

Make it a habit to finish what you have started in the stipulated time frame.

Put motivating notes and banners if possible around you to keep you focused on achieving the target you set for yourself

Finishing things on Time and honoring your commitments as I have pointed out earlier will make you feel happy and appreciated in the sense that it will foster the belief in you that "Whatever you say, you Achieve" and that can boost your confidence and happiness in the best possible way

11.  Be Generous and Practice Charity 

Generosity, Charity and Gratitude are amongst the top reasons that brings happiness and is infact one of the factor considered for rating countries on happiness index 

The people who lived generously are found to be much more happy and content with their lives than others.

Infact the very thought of doing charity work and showing generosity can trigger happiness in humans

Volunteer for some charity work once in a while be it volunteering for feeding some people, teaching someone, doing some physical labor or in whatever way you can add some value to people's lives

Volunteering is linked to health benefits like lowering blood pressure and decreased mortality rates

Practice charity and express gratitude in whatever way possible as often as you can, it doesn't always have to be some monetary benefits, even a simple smile to a lonely depressed soul is worth more than millions of dollars

Make it a part of yourself and you will be experiencing the best form of Happiness throughout your Life

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