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How to be Positive in Life | 11 Ways to Create a Positive Mindset

How to be Positive in Life 

11 Ways to Create a Positive Mindset

How to be Positive in Life | 11 Ways to Create a Positive Mindset

"Positive Thinking actually means approaching Life's Challenges with a positive outlook. It does not necessarily mean avoiding or ignoring the bad things, instead it involves making the best of potentially bad situations"

This is how Kendra Cherry defined Positive Thinking and Positive Mindset at Very Well Mind (2017B)

The answer to How to be Positive in Life lies in this definition

And it is very important to understand it one sentence at a time

It focuses on having a positive approach to Life's Challenges, which means that you have to learn to look at the brighter sides of things

For example Let's say a person is born in a family where the father is a drug addict, so instead of just thinking about how doomed he is, he may actually work up to create a rehabilitation center for the drug addicts to help them with the cruel agony of getting away from that menace

His personal experiences may help the addicts family in how to deal with the situation

There are tons of such examples where people have triumphed despite facing the worst of setbacks in their lives all because they had a positive mindset

The second sentence of the definition focuses on the reality that Creating a Positive Mindset does not mean the absence of negative situations or negative thoughts, it simply involves making the best out of that situation

A positive mindset has mental as well as physical benefits. It gives you more confidence, improves your mood, and keeps you away from the demons of depression and anxiety

So lets dive into the 11 ways to Create a Positive Mindset and Learn How to be Positive in Life

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1.  Start your Day on a Positive Note

Yeah you read that right !!!

It's all in the MIND and you must control your Mind to think positive

Start your day with positive self talk
Say positive statements out loud to yourself every morning after getting up

If possible get up and stand in front of a mirror and say positive statements

Use phrases like 
This is my day, I am gonna make it Big
Everything is possible and I have the power to make it come true
I am the greatest human being that ever lived
I am born to achieve greatness...

I know you might be feeling how stupid that is gonna sound

I felt the same way before I started using this tactic, that I learned from one of the greatest personality that has ever lived on this plane MUHAMMAD ALI

And that changed my mindset completely

MUHAMMAD ALI used to chant "I AM THE GREATEST, I AM THE CHAMPION" all the time while training or while fighting the bout

And naturally he used to generate that positive vibe and extra energy that was enough to defeat his opponent

Way Before he became a Champion in the ring, he was a Champion in his Mind, and when that happens it rarely takes much time before it becomes a reality.

So train your mind to think positively by using these positive affirmations.

Make a phrase that is personal to you and has the power to bring out the best in you then chant that phrase every morning or whenever you start feeling down and you will be seeing a sharp spike in your confidence and energy

Try to chant the phrase out loud because when you hear that positive affirmation again and again it gets booked in your Sub Conscious Mind and makes it a part of your body

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2.  Turn Negative Self Talk into Positive Self Talk

Nothing is more powerful than the power of a Positive thought

On the other hand nothing is more dangerous than Negative Self Talk

And the most evident and obvious example to illustrate it is the Common practice of  cursing a tree to death by the tribe-mates of Solomon Islands of the Pacific

Yeah you read that absolutely right !!!

The Tribe-mates of Solomon Island practice the ritual of cursing the Trees that are very big to be cut down.

They simply gather around the trees in large numbers and start cursing it vigorously, and several reports reveal that it takes around 30 days for the Tree to die just of the curse words and negative thoughts thrown at it

That is how powerful and harmful negative self talk can be and it is very important to identify these self talks we might be giving ourselves unknowingly and turn it into positive statements as outlined in point no 1 earlier

Just sit down and identify these self talks that you or others around you might be giving you and find ways to replace them with positive statements and you will be feeling a positive energy around you

3.  Choose to Respond Positively to every situation

We as humans might not have a total control over the situations we are made to face

But it is totally in our hands to choose to respond to these situations POSITIVELY and this is what helps in creating a positive mindset

No matter how negative or how unconventional a situation may be, there is something positive in every situation and every circumstance has something good to offer

Find out that positive and learn from it

Use some simple small and direct questions to arrive to the positive sides of each situation

Let's say you had a fight with your best friend and it appears that you both won't be talking for some time

Well the positive here can be that now you don't have to share your best ice cream with anyone

Maybe this is the much needed lone time you required to reflect on your daily routine and how to make it more productive

Maybe it happened to let you enjoy that extra hour or two of family time with your spouse and the little one

A person who has mastered this art of finding the best in every situation is damn magnetic and tends to attract a lot of people who either resonates the same energy or lacks the warmth that he can provide him with his positivity

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4.  Find Humor even in the Darkest Situations

If you are able to find Humor and Laugh at the most adverse and the darkest events of your Life then you have mastered the art of finding positivity 

This is what Positive Mindset is all about

You might have heard about Thomas Alva Edison, the famous scientist who discovered bulb after learning from 1000 failures

One day while he was still not able to find a way to light up the filament of bulb without having the surrounding air catch Fire, his laboratory caught Fire and All his hard work of several years was burning infront of his eyes

Everyone around knew how deeply Edison loved his laboratory and how passionate he was about discovering a Bulb

They thought that this is the end of this scientist and he may end up suffering a mental shock for his entire Life, so they went to him to console him

To which he replied that Everything Happens for Good, All my years of failure and setbacks are now ashes, so that I can take up a new slate and try out a totally new design.

This shocked everyone and within few weeks he discovered what we today call the light Bulb.

That is the power of Positivity and that is how a positive mindset can help you create wonders

The best way to lighten up the mood when served with the worst of the situations is to find something funny and humorous in it and shed out all the negativity with an outburst of laughter 

5.  Create a library of Positive thoughts

Find out 10-15 mins daily to fill your mind with positive thoughts and ideas via some podcast or videos or simply by reading some inspirational educational content like this

This dose of positivity daily will help build a stock of positive affirmations in your Sub conscious mind, which is the default setting of our Mind that comes into action during some extreme experiences.

The reflexes of our body mostly comes from our Sub Conscious mind, so it is very important to feed it appropriately so that even in the worst of the situations only positivity comes out of our behavior

In addition to this feeding positive thoughts for 10-15 mins will instantly boost up your energy and will make you ready to deal with the day with a positive mindset 

6.  Avoid Angry and Negative Media

The media we watch and interact with influences our mind in much severe a manner than we can even think of

Negative and Angry Media will unknowingly fill your Sub conscious as well as Conscious Mind with the feelings of hatred, negativity, anger and a whole lot of harmful emotional states

Instead focus on reading good blogs and websites and read crisp brief news on industrial and scientific developments on NEWS apps instead of wasting your precious hours on politically motivated not so critical NEWS

Choose how you spend your Cellphone time, TV time as it plays a very vital role in shaping your Mind and Behavior

Choose educational channels over Negative Media
Prefer watching motivational and educational podcasts and videos on Youtube rather than wasting Time on not so productive social media

Spend Time reading useful posts , Auto Biographies and watching Biographies of Successful and impact creating personalities.

7.  Focus on the Present

We tend to waste most of our time focusing on the things that are not in our control and end up wasting the precious Time that is totally in our control and has the power to change our future if invested properly

By focusing your energy in the present moment you will realize that a lot of negative energy and negative thoughts that you have preoccupied your mind with from the memories of the past or the worry of the future are simply irrelevant

This will create an aura of enthusiasm and positivity and will automatically boost your chances for better productivity and a happy Life

8.  Surround yourself with Positive Friends, Co-workers, Mentors

The people we spend our Time with influence our lives way more than we think

We all have a Sub conscious mind which is wired to absorb whatever is thrown at us and if we are constantly thrown negative thoughts than that is what our Sub conscious Mind end up absorbing

Sub conscious Mind is the mind that is responsible for the reflex action whenever we are faced with any critical situation

So surround yourself with positivity from every front you possibly can

Our friends and co-workers are someone we spend almost 70% of the awake Time with, so a conscious and judicious choice of friends is very important to fill ourselves with positivity and to avoid negativity to drain all your energy

Choose your friends and people you spend time with, based on the way they react to different situations, ask simple crisp, to the point questions to yourself like 

Do you feel energetic or drained talking to them?
Are they problem finder or solution finder?
Do they just complain all the Time?
Do they just talk of negatives in Everyone?
Are they energetic and enthusiastic?

A good friend, co-worker or a mentor can simply change your Life and the way you perform, likewise a bad friend can ruin it, so take your Time to analyze the company that you would like to keep

Choose the company that will help you create a positive mindset

9.  Find Purpose at Work

We spend about a third of our Life and almost half the Time we are awake at Work be it in office, factory, shop or your Home Office

And hence how we spend this Time decides the way we feel

Surveys reveal that the people who know how their work impacts the world to be a better place, are not only more happy and satisfied but also have a better work performance

So find out the impact that your job creates in the Life of people, as not everybody can be doing charity as their full time job.

An electrical engineer working at a multi national, building substations and erecting electricity towers at remote stations may feel how the hell am I impacting the society, but again a true reality which he needs to see is that it is because of his efforts that even the remotest of the towns and cities are getting electricity and hence is influencing the lives of millions in getting better education, healthcare and overall a better place to live in.

A janitor in a similar manner is helping societies and educational institutes live, work and shape the future leaders without having to worry about any external intruders to disturb them

Similarly everyone is creating and impacting society positively in some way or another, some are more obviously visible while others may not be that visible but are equally and sometimes even more important and critical.

Find that purpose and value that you are offering to the society and you will be happily seeing a boost in not only your happiness but also your work performance

Read " 8 Ways to Improve Work Performance "  for more tips and strategies to Make your Office life worth living

10.  Develop a Positive Physique

Humans are an amalgamation of physical and mental structures

If you are finding it hard to keep up with a positive mindset, start working on developing a healthy body and it will automatically be sending signals and stimulus to your Mind to think and work positively

Start with simple steps like working on developing a good posture and you will be witnessing changes in your mental stress levels

A positive and a good posture will make you feel confident and you will end up doing a much better task than you would otherwise do, which will again boost your confidence and this cycle will snowball into building your self esteem, your level of trust on your skills, your confidence which ultimately will put you into a positive frame of mind

11.  Be Generous and Practice Charity 

Generosity, Charity and Gratitude are amongst the top reasons that brings happiness and is infact one of the factor considered for rating countries on happiness index 

The people who lived generously are found to be much more happy and content with their lives than others.

Infact the very thought of doing charity work and showing generosity can trigger happiness in humans

Volunteer for some charity work once in a while be it volunteering for feeding some people, teaching someone, doing some physical labor or in whatever way you can add some value to people's lives

Volunteering is linked to health benefits like lowering blood pressure and decreased mortality rates

Practice charity and express gratitude in whatever way possible as often as you can, it doesn't always have to be some monetary benefits, even a simple smile to a lonely depressed soul is worth more than millions of dollars

Make it a part of yourself and you will be experiencing the best form of Happiness and positivity throughout your Life

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