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How to Conquer Fear of Failure and Make it your Key to Success

How to Conquer Fear of Failure and Make it Your Key to Success

How to Conquer Fear of Failure and Make it your Key to Success

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Fear of Failure has ruined more dreams than trying and failing ever could

FEAR needs to be understood well in order to Turn it into our Key to Success

FEAR means False Evidence Appearing Real

Humans have a Conscious and a Sub Conscious Mind 

While the conscious mind is responsible for our normal actions the subconscious mind is what controls our reflexes because that is what our default settings are and it is when these false evidences of failures soak deep into the Sub Conscious mind that we start fearing things.

So by now you must have already got a hint that it is our Sub Conscious mind that we need to shape to Conquer fear of failure and turn it into our key to Success.

On the other Hand 

FAIL means the First Attempt in Learning

Yeah you heard that right !!!

"Success is basically the Ability to Go from Failure to Failure without Loss of Enthusiasm"

Now that we have a clear definition of  Fear and Failure in our Mind 

So lets take a look on How to Conquer Fear of Failure and turn it into our Key to Success

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1.  Accept that Failure is a part of Journey

There are tons of examples of people who have failed miserably before they became a Success.

In fact it wouldn't be too audacious to say that every person who ever achieved success has tasted many failures before they finally hit BINGO

Thomas Edison failed around 1000 times before he was finally able to create Light Bulb

Abraham Lincoln failed in many Elections and suffered many losses in Life before finally getting elected as the President of USA in 1861

Colonel Sanders of KFC has to knock hundreds of doors before he could find the first buyer for his recipe

Jack Ma the Founder of Alibaba was turned down by many interviewers and infact was the only candidate not selected in KFC

Coca Cola could only sell 25 bottles in its first year

So get it into your brain that Failure is the staircase to Success and Failing is only an option and you must choose to bounce back every single time till you achieve Success

It is how you learn from it and bounce back stronger that really matters

How to Conquer Your Fear of failure and make it your key to Success

2.  Learn to FAIL forward

By now it is clear that Failure is indeed a step in your Success story

So why fear being a failure when all you have to do is plan, execute, fail, learn, execute again, fail at something new, try again and continue repeating it till you get what you want.

Now let us understand what FAILING forward actually means 

Everytime you fail at something learn from it and never fail on that aspect again.

You may fail again but that should not be because of the repetition of the earlier mistake.

That's how everybody learns and grows be it Facebook, Coca Cola,KFC, Whatsapp or any other company or personality.

This whole process of learning from your failure while not repeating your earlier mistakes and snow balling into a Success is termed as failing forward

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3.  Create Habits of Successful People

Let's understand how it works

Out Thoughts determines our Actions
Our Daily Actions shapes our Habits
These Habits shapes our Character
And This Character only determines our Destiny

Everything is interlinked and comes down to our thoughts
The way we think is the way we work

So to be a Success, Think like Successful people do and Create Habits that are proven to attract Success

This will also help you in overcoming the situations wherein this failure will appear as your only option.

To bounce back from failure and try again, we must be programmed to Settle for nothing less than the Best and that can only happen if Habits of Successful people is your way of thinking and living.

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4.  Allow yourself to feel and absorb your Emotions when you Fail

We are Humans and Humans have emotions and feelings and it is obvious to feel sad when we fail

And it is absolutely okay and natural to feel like Crying after a major setback or feel like beating a pillow

Actually it is good to let those emotions flow out as it helps you in getting over them and trying again and getting better results

So never be afraid of embracing your emotions when you fail as it is the easiest and fastest way to get over your failures.

5.  Be Gentle on yourself

Be absolutely gentle with yourself on your entire journey to achieving Success by bouncing from Failure to Failure

It is much tougher than I have made it look here to actually phase through your failures by embracing them and learning from them.

But this is how you can control to be positive during that phase.

Drink loads of Water to lower your body temperature and anxiety and with time you will ride out of it smoothly.

I hope these strategies help you to Conquer Fear of failure and Make it your Key to Success

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How to Conquer Your Fear of failure and make it your key to Success

Implementation is the key to Success
Even a Good Execution is way better than the Best of the Thoughts, so don't just read it and forget, instead start implementing and Enjoy the Heaven on earth. 

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