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How to Overcome Stress and Anxiety | 11 Tips That Actually Works

How to Overcome Stress and Anxiety 

11 Tips That Actually Works

How to Overcome Stress and Anxiety | 11 Tips That Actually Works

Stress is the distress caused when our body is encountered with loads of mental or physical agony

Stress is an important aspect of our lives and it is very important to learn about it to understand and overcome Stress and Anxiety

Stress is caused by Anxiety and Tension primarily

Anxiety is caused when a Life event appearing threatening affects us physically or mentally

This then triggers Tension as a natural response to counter that event and protect us both mentally or physically

The crux of it all is that Anxiety, Stress and Tension are all interlinked and must be countered appropriately to keep ourselves mentally and physically fit and happy

It might be interesting for you to note that Stress was first documented by Hans Selye in 1950 

But ever since mankind existed this terrible thing has made life difficult

So lets dive into the 11 Tips that actually work to Overcome Stress and Anxiety

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1.  Take a deep Breath

Breath is what distinguishes a dead body from a live one

And mastering the art of controlling your breath can make you achieve wonders in Life

As far as stress goes 

Just sit back and close your eyes for a moment
Now take a deep breath filling your Lungs with fresh Air
Slowly release the Air while feeling it go out of your Body

Repeat this process for 5 minutes and mark my words you would like to continue this forever

Make it a Habit of doing this whenever you start feeling stressed or simply repeat it 5 mins in the morning daily 

You can learn different types of Breathing exercises and can add them to your routine to feel a great amount of energy and enthusiasm gushing through your body

There are several channels on Youtube teaching amazing breath control exercises and Jason Stephenson is one of my favourite

Checkout " How to be happy in Life : 11 Ways to Create a Life You Love" to learn about how to keep yourself Happy and energetic

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2.  Listen to Soothing Music

World is made with Music as it's Soul

There is nothing more relaxing and soothing than a 5 minute absolutely soothing and relaxing music

Youtube is filled with loads of such amazing musical tunes that can bring you out of your stress and anxiety

Make it a habit of listening to some quality music every day while travelling or doing something that doesn't require your full attention

You can even consider learning some musical instrument to play your own soothing music for yourself

It is absolutely the best way to reclaim your calmness and control over your Life

3.  Start a Physical routine (Exercise)

Exercising is the best way to channel your anxiety and aggression to build a channel of energy and enthusiasm

Exercise tends to lower the body's stress hormones like cortisol and hence relaxes the body and mind

It also helps the body release Endorphin which is responsible for elevating mood and relieving pain

In addition to these benefits, exercising helps in improving the quality of your sleep thus relieving you of your stress and worries

A good physique boosts self confidence thus helping the mind simulate positive energy and enthusiasm

Plan your week to include some time for physical routine, be it a simple walk or jog in a nearby park to hiring a trainer and joining some Gym

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4.  Laugh it Out

If you are able to find Humor and Laugh at the most adverse and the darkest events of your Life then you have mastered the art of finding positivity 

This is what Positive Mindset is all about

You might have heard about Thomas Alva Edison, the famous scientist who discovered bulb after learning from 1000 failures

One day while he was still not able to find a way to light up the filament of bulb without having the surrounding air catch Fire, his laboratory caught Fire and All his hard work of several years was burning infront of his eyes

Everyone around knew how deeply Edison loved his laboratory and how passionate he was about discovering a Bulb

They thought that this is the end of this scientist and he may end up suffering a mental shock for his entire Life, so they went to him to console him

To which he replied that Everything Happens for Good, All my years of failure and setbacks are now ashes, so that I can take up a new slate and try out a totally new design.

This shocked everyone and within few weeks he discovered what we today call the light Bulb.

That is the power of Positivity and that is how a positive mindset can help you create wonders

The best way to lighten up the mood when served with the worst of the situations is to find something funny and humorous in it and shed out all the negativity with an outburst of laughter 

5.  Reduce your Caffeine intake 

Caffeine is found majorly in Coffee, Tea, Chocolate and various energy drinks

It has varying effects on various human body types and is often a reason behind anxiety and stress

Everyone has a different tolerance to the amount of Caffeine their body can handle

If you feel anxious or jittery after taking heavy doses of Coffee or Tea, try cutting it out to a minimum

As a rule of thumb a normal human should keep the amount of Coffee or Tea intake to five cups or lesser

Again remember that the tolerance to the intake of Coffee or Tea can vary from person to person

Instead of the normal Tea, try having Green Tea which has almost half the caffeine content of a normal Coffee

In addition, it contains various healthy antioxidants which improves metabolism along with theanine, an amino acid that helps you feel calm and happy

6.  Try Chewing a Gum

That may sound a bit amusing !!!

But several studies suggest that it indeed helps in relieving stress and making you feel better

Chewing a Gum promotes blood flow to your brain thus helping in reducing stress

Furthermore it said to simulate wave patterns of a happy mind, hence creating a sense of happiness

Try this tip whenever you get a chance to feel some pressure !!!

7.  Practice being Mindful of the Present

Mindfulness is the act of being self aware and believe it or not but that is the highest form of achievement a human can ever have in his Lifetime

Buddha once said "Conquer yourself and you will be winning thousands of Battles"

Yeah one of the greatest philosopher and religious teacher of all times very aptly put out the importance of Self awareness

Being mindful creates an aura of positivity arising from self belief and understanding your true self

Practice this act of self awareness by talking to yourself and getting to know about yourself better

Are you stressed just because you don't look good or can't speak well or can't play well

Well there are tons of other things you do much better than probably millions, just put some time out with yourself and find out the things you are best in

And the best thing is out of those several things you have written down, you just have to excel in one to be a success in Life

This is the biggest stress buster of all times, the act of finding a purpose and working daily to inch closer to it

By focusing your energy in the present moment you will realize that a lot of negative energy and negative thoughts that you have preoccupied your mind with from the memories of the past or the worry of the future are simply irrelevant

This will create an aura of enthusiasm and positivity and will automatically boost your chances for better productivity and a happy Life

Checkout " How to be happy in Life : 11 Ways to Create a Life You Love" to learn about how to keep yourself Happy and energetic

8.  Be Grateful ( Not everyone gets the Chance to get out of Bed daily )

Be Grateful for all the things you are blessed with because not everyone gets to get what you often take for granted

Practicing Gratitude can almost instantly bring you out of your stressful situation and make you humble and grateful

You might not be having the best of the cars to drive but be grateful for the bike you own

You may not even have a bike but be grateful that you can atleast walk down to the park on your legs

Practice being grateful for all the little things that many just dream of and you will be realizing that most of the times you were stressing for absolutely nothing worth even thinking about

As a way to contribute to the society and to get more reasons to be grateful and happy for try joining some Charity Organization and give your services in a nearby Community center or church

You will be finding way more reasons to be living for and worth much more to contribute your time and energy for

The peace there is simply un-matchable

9.  Find a Hobby to Spend your Idle Time

Finding a hobby to work on actually gives you a purpose and saves you from spending your free time thinking and indulging is potentially useless and harmful activities thus preventing you from tons of reasons for anxiety and stress

When you have your time already chalked out for various activities you will seldom be feeling bad if you are not able to find a friend free for some movie in the weekends because you can invest that time in your hobby instead

Whereas a person who is not able to find something useful to invest his time in will feel stressed and angry on small things like a friend not being available for a movie on a weekend too

Furthermore there are tons of examples of people turning their hobby into their full time profession be it painting, music, blogging, dancing or simply anything

So invest your Time in yourself and you will be feeling a sense of purpose in your life

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10.  Spend some quality Time with Friends and Family

Humans are social creatures and spending some time with your friends and family can bring a sense of belonging and can work wonders in reducing stress and anxiety

Furthermore telling a close friend or a family member about your problems can actually help you in getting over the problems as you are letting it out of your mind and secondly the advice from your friend can actually work in solving the issue

Planning a small trip once in a while with your close ones is one of the biggest stress busters and can help you relax both physically and mentally

It also breaks that monotonous daily routine thus pumping you with energy and enthusiasm

11.  Use Aromatherapy ( Light a Scented candle)

Aromatherapy is the art of utilizing scents to treat your mood

This is one of the most powerful way to feel calm and happy and infact one of the easiest way to implement too

Just light some scented candle to make a soothing environment around you

Scents like Lavender, Sandalwood, Orange, Roman Chamomile, Rose, Bergamot, Vetiver etc are found to be stress busters

A soothing scented environment helps reduce anxiety and has a calming effect on our minds

This is a must do even when you are not stressed because everyone loves to be in a scented heaven

Checkout the offers on a variety of popular scented candles online

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