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What is Procrastination ? 9 Tips on How to Stop Procrastination Forever

What is Procrastination ?

9 Tips on How to Stop Procrastination Forever

What is Procrastination ? 9 Tips on How to Stop Procrastination Forever

Procrastination is defined as the act of voluntarily delaying a course of action despite knowing the consequences

It can so easily be understood by the Newton's First Law of motion, which infers that an object tends to stay in it's original state without an outside force acting on it

Just on that principle, when a person tends to delay a set of actions that may seem a bit unpleasant to him knowing that he may not be achieving the results that he really wants to achieve is what we call Procrastination

The thing to take a note out here is that everyone, it wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that the entire Universe tends to Procrastinate in one way or the other

So be assured you are not alone here

Secondly, the point that is worth noticing is the fact that the person procrastinating wants the results, but still is not motivated enough to work for it because of a plethora of reasons like lack of dedication,enthusiasm, passion, clear vision etc

Which brings us to the conclusion that the only way to stop procrastinating is by making this process of achieving the end result very clear, inspiring and something that binds us till the very end

So lets dive into the 9 Tips that actually work to Stop Procrastination Forever

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1.  Follow the 3-Minute Rule

Ok so now the question is what the heck is this 3 Minute rule and how is this gonna help me never procrastinate again ???

Well, the 3 Minute Rule simply states that convert the biggest of your tasks to a smaller 3 minute task


How can an hour long task be converted into a 3-Minute task ??

The thing is to find a small 3 minute task out of that bigger chunk of task that is very critical and is basically setting the mojo for that entire hour long task and make that your goal

Let me take the example of doing meditation for 30 minutes, now instead of making that your goal, make pulling out the yoga mat and spread it on your meditation spot your goal

When you have achieved that task daily, obviously you will be doing some amount of Yoga daily and with time that will be turning it into your daily routine so that it becomes a reflex

Similar examples can be established in learning a new recipe daily for 30 min

Setting a goal of reading the first page of a recipe or simply watching the first two-three minute of a recipe on Youtube can do wonders

Try setting these type of smaller goals daily and witness the results

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2.  Create a Motivating surrounding

Does your Office desk or your Room motivates you to feel positive and energetic or does it sap the energy out of you ??

If the latter is true than it is high time you change it for the better, because sub consciously it is creating an atmosphere of doom around you

Use some home decors, motivational quotes, your hand written life objectives, some of your past achievement right on the top of your table to motivate you and create that aura of triumph and energy around you to get you started

Sometimes, even just changing the lightings helps a lot, just make sure you create an environment you feel absolutely best to work and live in

Try this out in your office and home and you will be witnessing a visible change in energy

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3.  Break your goals down into smaller chunks and celebrate all your achievements

This works in collaboration to the 3-Minute Rule

Just break bigger tasks into smaller chunk of goals and replace each one of those smaller goal with a 3-Minute achievable goal

And the bigger thing to consider while doing it is to celebrate your Achievements, this will be giving you a sense of self belief and self trust

Every time you accomplish your goal, treat yourself with something that you love be it a small chocolate bar, a walk in the park, a cup of coffee by the roadside or simply some time to rest and rejuvenate

This will be keeping you motivated and high on energy and enthusiasm, thus preventing you from Procrastinating

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4.  Follow PARETO Principle

PARETO Principle states that about 20% of the tasks you do provide 80% of your results

That must be amusing to hear for the first Time, but that is absolutely true

Just fall back and have a glance on the jobs you do daily and the value that each one of them produce 

You will be realizing that around 80% of your productivity comes from just 20% of the tasks you do

Identify those essential tasks of your life and give them the amount of value in terms of Time that they give you back in terms of Productivity

This will be helping you plan better and once you start seeing results, you will want to, and will have the time to finish the tasks that you would otherwise Procrastinate because of poor planning and feeling down on energy 

5.  Find a Person who has achieved it 

Finding a person who has already achieved what you are seeking, if possible meeting them in person can help you inspire and motivate to keep working on your plans for achieving your goal

Our mind often needs a proof to continue simulating interest in the activities that leads to the accomplishment of your goals

You can practice putting their photographs and their achievements on a wall in your room or on your office desk to remind you of the rewards of your hard-work today

If it is not possible to meet that person personally, then try watching their videos online and motivational videos on how they achieved what you are after to keep you on track whenever you start doubting your potential or the potential of the goal you are after

6.  Make Yourself Accountable to Someone

This is in fact a very important step in preventing Procrastination

Make one of your family member or a close friend or even one of your office colleague to keep a record of your commitments and encourage them to mark you accountable for the completion of those tasks within the stipulated time frame

This will make you stick to the plan and prevent you from deviating from your goals

You can create a pact with your friend wherein both of you can hold each other accountable for some tasks and help motivate each other to achieve it

this will create a positive flow of energy and will create a great environment to work in

This strategy is one of the very best to boost your overall energy and strive for excellence while stopping the evil of Procrastination from pulling you down forever

7.  Eliminate what makes you Procrastinate

There are tons of activities we do daily and seldom do we realize that most of these activities are not at all productive, or I can categorize them as being counter productive

These are the activities that are neither important, nor urgent for us, but because of some cheap pleasure we end up wasting a lot of our valuable Time in it

It is because of these activities being readily available on the click of a button, we tend to Procrastinate some of the absolutely important activities of our lives

Find out these time wasters and their sources
Then chalk out a strategy to simply make it difficult or if possible impossible to get to these activities

Be it wasting too much time on TV, social media or unnecessary office gossips

Just keep all your social media apps on the last of your mobile pages, where it is really difficult to go and open them

Likewise you can try keeping your cell phone in your drawer or handbag while in office to prevent yourself from checking it time and again for unnecessary messages

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8.  Don't be a Perfectionist instead Strive for Excellence

A perfectionist is a person who always seeks for perfection be it getting a perfect Time to start something or Achieving a perfect score or creating a perfect product etc

But the sad truth is that perfection by definition is something that can only be strived for but can never be achieved

I think that in itself is sufficient to tell you that there is absolutely nothing in this world that is perfect, everything has a scope for improvement

That is where Excellence comes into picture, try to work towards improving yourself and achieving the best possible result

But don't just put to tomorrow a task that can be done today just because you don't feel it to be the perfect time to start

Believe me there will never be the exact perfect Time for you to start anything, you just have to have faith in yourself and start

And it also is true in most cases that to achieve a perfect score at the first go is nearly impossible, you get better with Time and Experience

So instead of wasting your Time in Procrastinating a task, simply jump into action and learn to be better with experience

9.  Just Do it

Have you ever heard of a Success story wherein a person Procrastinated to Success ???

Probably NOT

Neither have I

This is because a person when falls into this deadly trap of putting things on tomorrow, he eventually ends up finishing things half halfheartedly or at the last moment or often times can be seen leaving a lot many tasks unfinished

Make this habit of doing the things that needs to be done, TODAY and AT THIS MOMENT

This will change your life for the best

The only way to achieve something is to get up and do something about it

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