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Best way to Sharpen your Memory (Remember Everything)

Best way to Sharpen your Memory

Simple Tips to Remember Everything

Best way to Sharpen your Memory (Remember Everything)

People today spend tons of their money and time to work on their physical health be it via joining some gym, taking supplements or joining some yoga classes

Just like it is important to work on your physical health to keep you physically healthy, working on mental health helps you create a sharp memory and keeps your mind calm and affects your overall lifestyle

Training your brain is not a new concept. People have over centuries worked on refining their retaining power by working on their minds

Sharpening your memory helps us learn facts faster, recall quickly, and sharpen your focus

And the best part is you don't require some really out of the box techniques to sharpen your memory

All it takes is some really simple tricks and techniques to master the art of retaining things and developing a razor sharp memory in the process

So let's dive into these amazing easy to implement strategies and increase our memory power naturally

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At a Glance

  • Learn something NEW
  • Do things Differently
  • Play games that involves different levels
  • Practice daily meditation
  • Do some brain sharpening physical routine
  • Increase your Omega 3 intake
  • Keep your Alcohol consumption in Check
  • Drink Green Tea
  • Increase the intake of Fruits and Veggies
  • Avoid taking calories and saturated fats
  • Play Memorization games with cards
  • Avoid Television Time
  • Improve your Social Life
  • Use Visual Images to Remember and Recall

Let's have a deeper understanding of each one of these amazing tips

1.  Learn something NEW

Train your brain to do something new and challenging

No matter how challenging the job may be, don't do a job you are already a master in, instead try something new even if it is less challenging

The trick is to pressurize your brain into putting in more efforts which is not possible in your comfort zone

For instance, playing chess helps train your mind, but if you are already a good chess player than it may not appear too challenging, although leveling up and playing with better players will still help

Likewise if you are already a good swimmer, then try skating or dancing or painting, by going out of your comfort zone

Learning a new language is again an excellent way of toning up the brain muscles as learning new words and grammatical rules involves an active participation of brain

You can try speaking in different ascents !!! 

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2. Do things Differently

The things we do daily becomes a habit and your body doesn't require your mind to do that activity as it has now turned into a reflex

Just like a sensation of a hot object touching our body, initiates a reflex action, likewise daily routine work like brushing our teeth, or writing something with your natural hand, or eating with your natural hand does not involve your mind actively

Try things a bit differently !!!

You can trigger your brain by doing things differently like brushing your teeth with your other hand, try using the other hand to write things, or you can try eating with the other hand

All these activities will involve a conscious effort from your brain and will help it get exercised and hence sharpen your brain

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3.  Play games that involves different levels

It is one of the best way to enhance your critical thinking skills while sharpening your mind

Play games that involves different difficulty levels and hence requires your brain to continuously level up to tackle the challenges as you move forward in the game

Be very choosy in the game you decide to play and make sure it is not a simple repetitive game that does not involves different levels

The whole point is to give your mind something to work on

It is like increasing the weights you use in gym to tone up your biceps

Remember to change the game once you have completed it, no matter whether you love to play it or not, because once you become comfortable playing it, the mind stops working and it becomes a reflex

So choose newer games once you are finished with one and it shouldn't be difficult as there are tons of games available online

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4.  Practice daily Meditation

Meditation is the best way of refining your thoughts and refreshing your minds, but certain meditation techniques can go a step further and sharpen your memory too

One of the best meditation technique is Kirtan Kriya meditation technique

It involves sitting down and repeating the following steps to the tune of "Mary had a Little Lamb"

Touch your thumb to the index finger as you say SA, then touch your thumb to the middle fingers as you utter TA, then move on touching your ring finger and pinky finger as you say NA and MA respectively

Repeat the same for a few minutes, say 10 minutes daily and you will be seeing the results

When you start to become comfortable in doing it, simply change the order of fingers you touch while keeping the tune the same

This is a very simple and effective way of putting your brain to some sharpening exercises

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5.  Do some brain sharpening physical routine

Any physical exercise that pumps blood to the brain is good for the brain, in short, anything that is good for heart is good for brain

Aerobic exercises that involve cardiovascular conditioning are essentially very good for the brain

Furthermore, the exercises involving a hand-eye coordination and some complex motor skills are particularly helpful in sharpening your brain

Exercises like swimming, dancing, walking, jogging which involves mindful awareness are great in putting some pressure on your brain to sharpen it

Small sessions of exercises can help you regain your strength after long hours of mental involvement in some fatiguing work

6.  Increase your Omega-3 intake

Several researches have pointed out the benefits of taking Omega-3 acids for improving the retention power of the brain and helping in a wholesome development of brain

For non vegetarians, the best source of Omega 3s, is fishes, especially the cold water fatty fishes like tuna, salmon, sardines, herring and trout

If you are vegetarian or don't love eating fishes, then there are a variety of other vegetarian Omega 3 sources for you like spinach, broccoli, soya beans, pumpkin seeds, winter squash and kidney beans

There are many other natural sources of Omega 3s that you can search and buy online

In addition to this, there are several Omega 3 supplements available in market, but nothing is better than the natural sources of getting your Omega 3s

Try adjusting these natural sources in your diet to automatically boost your brain activity

7.  Keep your Alcohol Consumption in Check

Drinking too much Alcohol can cause severe impacts on your concentration and memory powers, so avoid it whenever possible

Alcohol has a property of killing brain cells, but certain options like red wine can actually help regulate the blood flow in brain, but that too when kept in moderation

Try using grape juice, berries, fresh grapes, peanuts and cranberry juices, as these are some great ways of improving your memory and brain power

8.  Drink Green Tea

Green Tea is an excellent agent in boosting memory and helping your brain detoxify and sharpen itself

Green tea contains very powerful antioxidant like polyphenols that helps prevent your brain from the harmful free radicals, that can damage your brain

It basically acts as a defensive mechanism protecting and sharpening your brain for better memory and concentration

A few other benefits of green tea involves enhancement of mental alertness and slowing down brain cell ageing

Green Tea helps in improving metabolism and detoxifying the entire body, so adding it to your daily routine is a must for long lasting health benefits

9.  Increase the intake of Fruits and Veggies

Fruits and vegetables are a great source of Anti-oxidants that prevents the brain cells from harmful free radicals

This acts as a defensive layer while enriching the body with various Vitamins, some of which can only be obtained from Fruits and Vegetables

There are two type of Vitamins our body needs, soluble and non-soluble, the Vitamins that are non-soluble in water stays in our body but the ones that are soluble get flushed out when we urinate or excrete and hence a constant intake of such Vitamins is very essential for the overall development of brain and body

A regular intake of Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12 and Vitamin E can help accelerate the growth of brain cells and hence a complete diet must include fresh Fruits and Vegetables

10.  Avoid taking calories and saturated fats

Diets rich in saturated fats can hamper the growth of brain cells and are associated with loss of memory power and concentration

Several sources of saturated fats include red meat, whole milk, ice cream, cheese, butter and cream amongst others

While normal meat can help you in your overall development, just like skimmed milk, these sources of saturated fat can often end up blunting your memory power and decreasing your concentration and focusing ability

Olive oil contains a lot of mono-saturated fat and hence is a great alternative for cooking

Use of extra virgin olive oil for salads and light or plain olive oil for cooking can do wonders in improving your mental and physical health

On similar lines, avoid taking sugar in your diet, as increased sugar levels are associated with short and long term memory loss

A right choice of diet is very important for a healthy and sharpened brain, because at the end, we are a reflection of what we eat

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11.  Play Memorization games with cards

This is a very simple and fun way of improving your brain power and memorization skills

Pull out all the face cards from two decks of cards, making it a total of 3X4X2 that is 24 cards, now put them all face down, make sure the two decks are absolutely identical

Now turn the cards upside down and try to remember the cards, as you put them face down again after seeing them

Once you are complete with seeing all the cards

Try making pairs from whatever you could remember, and try maintaining a count of the number of right and wrong attempts

As you get better day by day, you will be able to remember, more cards and the number of wrong attempts will start decreasing

If 24 cards seem a little too much, try using just kings and queens from each set, making it a collection of 16 cards

Once you start to excel, you can try including the number cards to the game too

This is an absolutely free and fun way to work on your memory and can easily be played with friends too

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12.  Avoid Television Time

While several activities like going on a walk, jogging, exercise, sleeping, reading books, playing video games are associated with increase in brain activity, television is something that reduces the brain activity

The very primary reason for this is the fact that Television is a single way communication, wherein we are not actively involved and hence our brain activity reduces significantly

This results in loss of memory and concentration power over a longer period of time

So cut back on Television time as much as possible

Furthermore exposure to blue light emitted by Television, can adversely affect the sleep cycle if you have a habit of watching television one or two hours prior to sleep

This will eventually de-stabilize the sleeping pattern of the brain and will be resulting in poor concentration and focus levels

13.  Improve your Social Life

Let me make it very clear from social Life, I mean to say, the physical social Life, where you actually spend some quality time with your friends and family, and not the so called social life on social media

Humans are designed by the Almighty for a social Life and that is why isolation in jails is a punishment

Humans are not designed to live in isolation, forget about having a mentally stable and physically jolly Life in isolation

So it is very important for us to actually spend some quality time with friends and family

This helps in stimulating good hormones and thus helps in the overall development of our body and mind

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14.  Use Visual Images to Remember and Recall

On of the best way of remembering and recalling names and things is by associating them to visual images and often stories

For instance if you want to remember a lady by the name Rose Gartner selling cookies, then try imagining a lady surrounded by roses, selling cookies in her garden

Just mark this picture in your brain, which is very easy to put in the mind and whenever you will be encountering that lady, it will be really easy to recall her name and profession

Try finding such amazing pictures for the colleagues you have and have a fun time remembering their names

Tell us how this article helped you and what more can be added in the comments below, to help others sharpen their memory too !!!

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