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How to Avoid Sleep | Simple Strategies to stop feeling sleepy

How to Avoid Sleep

Simple Tips to Stop feeling sleepy again

How to Avoid Sleep | Simple Strategies to stop feeling sleepy

Almost everyone of us feels drowsy and sleepy someday or the other and it is absolutely natural

But to feel drowsy and sleepy all the time may affect your health as well as professional or student Life drastically

Medically this is termed as hypersomnia and results into the feeling of persistent drowsiness all day long thus severely impacting the personal, professional and leisure time

Sleep disorders are often the result of inconsistent night sleep cycles, excess stress and anxiety

It is more important than we generally think it to be, to work on these early signs of excess sleepiness and treat them timely before they snowball into something more severe

Here are some amazing strategies to help you avoid daytime sleepiness and instead have a great night's sleep

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At a Glance

  • Keep adequate Lighting
  • Drink water regularly
  • Do some breathing exercises
  • Get adequate night-time sleep
  • Sit on a chair, not on Bed
  • Do some stretching
  • Read out Loud
  • Try Listening to Music
  • Use Energy drinks
  • Drink some Tea and Coffee
  • Get a little Uncomfortable

Let's have a deeper understanding of each one of these amazing tips

1.  Keep adequate Lighting

Our body finds the day and night time based on the exposure to lighting especially sun light

If you dim your lights and create a dull soothing environment, then the body signals the production of melatonin, the hormone responsible for inducing sleep

So keep the area you stay in, appropriately lit throughout the day

If possible simply open the shades of the window and let natural light brighten your place

Having too much exposure to light, especially blue light can adversely affect the eyes and can affect overall productivity, so try to maintain an optimum lighting that feels comfortable to sit in

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2. Drink Water regularly

Drinking Water has many health benefits like regulating blood flow, optimizing blood pressure, maintaining digestion and avoiding stress, anxiety, and gastric problems

Drinking 8 glasses of water a day is recommended

Drinking it at regular intervals, keeps the body hydrated and regulates the flow of blood thus helping oxygen reach various body parts, hence keeping the body awake

Keep a bottle of water handy and drink water at regular intervals to keep sleep and other health problems away

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3.  Do some breathing exercises

Fresh intake of oxygen, helps regulate the blood flow, thus maintaining energy and enthusiasm

Try doing some breath control exercises, many of which can be easily found on Youtube

A very simple and easy to do exercise is,

Close one side of the nose by pressing a thumb against it, then take a deep breath slowly, once your lungs are full, just use the fingers to press the other side of the nose while freeing this side

Now release the breath slowly from the open side of the nose

Repeat this simple process a few times whenever you start feeling drowsy

It has a great effect of pumping your body with stream of positive energy and enthusiasm 

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4.  Get adequate night-time sleep

Getting adequate night time sleep is very important in keeping you fresh and active

Many of the times, day time drowsiness arises due to night time sleep deficiency, which can easily be fixed by maintaining a consistent sleep regime

Get the body conditioned to sleeping in a definitive time slot at night, this not just helps you with plethora of health benefits because of timely sleep, but also improves the quality of sleep

Improved sleep quality will keep you filled with energy and will prevent any sort of drowsiness during the day 

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5.  Sit on a chair, not on Bed

Choose a comfortable chair to sit on while working, eating and watching TV

Often times we simply fall on our bed and do all the stuffs from eating, drinking, watching TV, playing with our pets and literally everything right on our bed

It has two major setbacks

Firstly you get drowsy very easily, because of the coziness and comfort the bed offers, as it attracts our body to lay down for every other reason we can think of

Secondly it manipulates your bed time as you get used to doing all the stuff on bed, so your body loses the sense of bedtime and sleep-time from other activities like eating or watching Netflix or TV, and hence we tend to fall asleep all the time during day and couldn't sleep at night

Reserve your bed for just sleep and some romantic moments with your partner, so that every time you go to bed your body knows which hormones to trigger !!!

6.  Do some stretching

Some simple stretches a few times a day, will help relax your muscles and fill you with energy and enthusiasm

There are tons of easy to implement exercises readily available on Youtube, that can help you relax your tight muscles

When we sit down consistently for a long time at a same place, it ends up tightening our muscles which has many harmful effects like joint pain, muscle tear and other back related issues in the longer run

Making it a habit of doing some stretches every hour or two will make your life healthy and will avoid sleep and pump you up simultaneously

7.  Read out Loud

Reading out loud involves hearing listening and understanding, hence making the brain function more actively, thus preventing sleep

When you keep reading or writing and the topic becomes a bit boring, it start to get drowsy and in no time people tend to fall asleep

By reading out loud or interacting and discussing with the colleague next to you, you signal your brain to function more actively and hence, prevents sleep from creeping into your mind

The purpose is to keep your brain actively involved, and if discussing with your colleague or taking to yourself is what it takes then simply do it

8.  Try listening to Music

This tip works for many while has no to zero effect on some

Simply tune into some music that you love to listen to make your brain involved, it will prevent it from falling prey to sleep

Choose the music appropriately as very calm and soothing music can further trigger the generation of sleep inducing hormones and can induce sleep instead of keeping it away

Some loud motivating workout music works better

9.  Use Energy Drinks

This is a tip that I would avoid as far as possible, but it works

Energy drinks have chemicals that help us stay energetic and awake, but don't make it a habit to use it daily as it may have some permanent adverse effects on your sleep patterns

If you have some really important work, that needs to be finished instantaneously and sleep is bothering you, then go for these energy drinks like Redbull

It will surely help you stay awake and finish the job on time

But be really cautious in using any supplements, as natural is always the best way

10.  Drink some Tea or Coffee

Tea and Coffee are what comes to our minds instantaneously when we want to stay awake, and it is quite obvious too, as they contain sleep inhibiting properties

Because of their ability to suppress the production of sleep inducing hormone- melatonin, they are one of the best means to drive away sleep, but be cautious in using them near your normal night time sleep, as it may end up hampering your night's sleep

Typically coffee has an effect lasting 4 to 6 hours

Furthermore, just like too much of anything is bad, keep the caffeine intake in check and don't overdo, if you don't wanna be a night owl staring at sky the whole night

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11.  Get a little Uncomfortable

Having a comfortable setup with great ambient temperature, signals our mind to go to sleep and relax

So try getting a little uncomfortable, it works !!!

You can try sitting on floor against the bed, or can even open the windows to make your ambient temperature a bit uncomfortable

If you are studying, then try studying topics that are a bit easy to concentrate on and does not require your absolute attention, this will help you keep your interest intact while studying

Furthermore, you can use writing down things, instead of just blankly reading them, as it will be making your brain more active 

I hope these tips help you stay awake and improve your productivity

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