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How to Clean a Dirty Mind with Easy Mind Clearing Techniques

How to Clean a Dirty Mind

Simple Tips to Get rid of Dirty thoughts

How to Clean a Dirty Mind with Easy Mind Clearing Techniques

Humans are blessed with the ability to think, reflect and act and sometimes this very ability tends to create trouble in our lives when all our mind can think of is dirty thoughts

And it is very common in humans to have a dirty mind especially in the mobile age we are living in

But the problem starts when you feed your mind with so much of these dirty thoughts that your mind becomes a hub of dirt

But fortunately, we humans are blessed with a will and the ability to forget things, while many may find these abilities a bit dis-advantageous especially when we have to remember things for an exam and couldn't, but it is indeed a blessing in disguise

It is because of this ability of forgetting things or removing things from our minds, we were able to survive stressful and physically and mentally trying situations over centuries

Let's learn about some of these amazing strategies which can help us clean a dirty mind and instead fill it with positivity

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At a Glance

  • Face yourself in Mirror
  • Don't be Alone
  • Find a hobby
  • Don't overthink about cleaning your dirty mind
  • Learn about the Lives of Successful people
  • Understand that it is never too late
  • Indulge in some physical activity
  • Volunteer for some Community work
  • Replace the social media channels you follow
  • Practice Meditation
  • Get into a positive company of friends

Let's have a deeper understanding of each one of these amazing tips

1.  Face yourself in Mirror

A lot many times we tend to think and do a lot many things that even we don't approve

We might be thinking of some of the most weird thoughts in the world, but when faced with ourselves even we won't be allowing ourselves to do it

This is the reason why parents disapprove of a lot of things for their kids which even they have done and many a times even enjoyed while doing it, only to regret later on

So a simple strategy that works almost every-time is to face yourself in mirror and try to maintain an eye contact with yourself

Most of the times you will feel and realize that what you are doing is wrong and would be having negative impacts on you in future

That is how you can control yourself from indulging into unwanted thoughts

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2. Don't be Alone

Being alone triggers unwanted thoughts and end up dragging you into dirty things

Find a good mentor, a friend, family members and spend some quality time discussing and working on productive ideas with them instead of just alienating yourself into a corner of a room

You can subscribe to some motivational speeches and lecture from some really successful people to help you guide through their journey towards success

There are tons of opportunities nowadays in this digital world to gain knowledge online and even to start earning money from it

Once you will be seeing that, it will help you a lot in cleaning up your mind

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3.  Find a hobby

Everyone loves to do certain things and surely you too would be having some creative interests, that you would have always wanted to invest some time on

Re-discover those hidden interests and work on improving them in your idle time

The best way to clean a dirty mind is by simply giving it something good and creative to replace the dirt it is holding right now

And the best thing about making your hobby do it is that it will last longer, simply because you love your hobby and whatever we love tends to stay in our mind for longer

There are tons on free videos available on Youtube, Udemy and various other free Audio books available online on Amazon, that can help you fill your mind with creative stuffs

This will help you clear your mind of dirty thinking 

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4.  Don't overthink about cleaning your dirty mind

What comes to your mind the moment I say "Blue Elephant", obviously a picture of a blue Elephant

That is the power of our minds, whatever we feed it, it retains, even if it is the thought of cleaning a dirty mind, all the mind will be revolving around is dirty thoughts and it will end up dragging you into thinking dirty

So the best way to avoid thinking dirty is by not thinking about it at all, just prepare a schedule so busy doing productive things like working on a hobby, going to gym, watching some useful videos on Youtube that you don't have time for dirty things

It will help your mind refill your mind with productive stuffs

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5.  Learn about the lives of Successful People

Almost all great people you witness today and have ever lived on Earth, have had their fair share of extremely horrible days

Be it Albert Einstein, Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Gandhi, Stephen Hawking, Christopher Columbus, Elon Musk and the list goes on and on...

Every single one of them faced numerous challenges, but they all survived and thrived because their will was stronger than the challenges

Watch documentaries on these successful people, read books on them, biographies, auto-biographies, Ted talks

It will help you clear your mind of filthy things and will fill it with better purpose of living a Life

Remember, everything is achievable in this world, provided you have the will and courage to go after it, just find that goal and purpose of your Life and it will automatically clean the dirt from your mind 

6.  Understand that it is never too late

You might have heard a lot about Robert Downey Jr., the infamous Ironman, who has literally skyrocketed many films to Success and is one of the most influential person today

He was a drug addict in his youth and has been to jail for drug abuse, had he ended his hope for a better future and stayed that way, you might have not witnessed some of the most amazing movies ever

But that is what differentiates a true true from others, it is their will to fight back

And the same holds true for you too, it is your will to clear your head of potentially useless things and work on your hobby and career interests instead to achieve and create a Life that impacts others positively

7.  Indulge in some physical activity

It may seem something difficult to start, especially if you don't like working out, but what better than channelizing the energy you are wasting on useless thoughts into something productive

You will find immense power and positivity flowing into your body, when you start working on your physical fitness

If you are more attracted towards swimming or dancing or yoga, you can start them too

See, the whole point is to find some physical routine that matches with your passion and interest, so that it can push you to continue with it

And today, you can make a career out of these amazing hobbies very easily, so you don't even need to bother about finding a stream of income, you can simply start with monetizing what you love

There are tons of ways like building a social media account and monetizing your hobby by creating what you learn through your journey of learning a hobby

Platforms like youtube, udemy, instagram, pinterest offers you tons of such opportunities which are much better than indulging in useless dirty stuff

8.  Volunteer for some Community work

One of the most effective way of cleaning your mind of dirty thoughts is by volunteering for some community work

It will open up a whole new horizon for you, when you will be realizing that there are tons and tons of people in this world that don't have even the very basic necessity and you can help them achieve a better lifestyle, then these dirty things you waste your time on, starts seeing absolutely useless

And realizing that is very important in clearing the dirt out of your mind

The entire world is out there, for you to help and leave a lasting impact on and you are busy wasting your Life

Even if you don't know what and how you are gonna help by volunteering, simply volunteer, you will learn that you actually can be of a great help to the society

At the very least you will find out what  all people do to help others

That feeling of knowing that you have helped someone without any intent of getting anything in return is absolutely amazing and is worth much more than what you are currently wasting your time on

9.  Replace the social media channels you follow

You were not born with a dirty mind, you came into this world just like everyone else with a clear mind

The social media channels we follow, be it on Instagram, Facebook, Tik-Tok or Pinterest, influence the way we think and react

If you watch a lot of dirty things online or on TV, read books filled with dirty stuffs, then that is what your mind will be automatically wire all your thoughts to

Simply by un-following those dirty channels and following some personal development, motivational and educational channels you will see a great impact in the way you think and react

Our mind consists of a sub-conscious mind and a conscious mind, while the conscious mind takes in, what we consciously feed it, the sub-conscious mind is like a sponge it captures everything we see or encounter

And this then influences our behavior and our thinking, hence it is very important to clear your sub-conscious mind of dirty thoughts by switching the channels you spend time on while scrolling through social media

10.  Practice Meditation

One of the best way to clean a dirty mind is by practicing meditation, which is basically the art of  purifying your soul

If you really want to get rid of dirty thoughts and start a positive Life, then make it a habit of doing meditation daily for some time, be it as small as just five minutes in the beginning

And believe me when you start seeing some really amazing results, you will want to spend whole hours meditating

Most of the times, our mind tend to divert to dirty thoughts when we are not calm and confident from inside, in other words it requires tremendous inner strength and peace to not indulge in dirty thoughts

And meditation helps you achieve that inner calmness and fill you with positive energy

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11.  Get into a positive company of friends

A lot of times. we get influenced by our colleagues, peers and friends, or even some really close family member

Do a self audit and identify, if that is the case with you or not

If not, great, but if yes, then I would strongly recommend changing your company and start staying with more positive and happy people instead

Our manners and thinking is contagious, we get influenced by the company we keep, and likewise we can't make good friends with people who are not our type, who don't think the same

That is the beauty of friends, you can literally tell what type of person one is, by looking at their friends and foes

So try making friends with people that have a positive mindset and refrain from negative influences

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