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How to Clean a Messy Mind : Simple Tips to Declutter your Mind

How to Clean a Messy Mind

Simple Tips to Declutter your Mind

How to Clean a Messy Mind : Simple Tips to Declutter your Mind

We all strive for a happy and harmonious Life, but as we all know Life is a journey and during our journey we tend to encounter several turbulence, which end up disrupting the happiness of our lives and end up messing with our minds

And hence, 

It is really important to learn techniques to clean a messy mind and declutter your mind for a better Life

With the arrival of social media, people are getting less connected and the urge for multi-tasking for better productivity is creating a hollowness inside of ourselves and creating a clutter of mess in our minds

This has resulted in a rise of diseases that were never heard of in earlier days like depression, anxiety disorders, panic disorders, which ultimately lead to several fatal diseases like uneven blood pressure, diabetes, cancer and a lot many lifestyle disorders

But the root of it all lies in a messy cluttered mind

So just like we declutter our homes and bedrooms and office desks, it is very important to declutter our minds with some simple tips and strategies to make our lives worth living for

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At a Glance

  • Identify your Priorities
  • Don't multitask
  • Set daily routine on Auto-pilot
  • Try being a minimalist
  • Don't dwell on the past
  • Do some stretching
  • Work on your breathing
  • Clean the mess around you
  • Limit the intake of unnecessary information
  • Practice Meditation
  • Get into the Nature's Lap

Let's have a deeper understanding of each one of these amazing tips

1.  Identify your Priorities

We all play several roles in our lives, and we all have different responsibilities while playing those roles, so it becomes very important to prioritize things and divide our time according to the requirement of each role

Most of the times, problems tend to creep into our minds and our relations when we fail to understand the importance of what really matters in our lives and end up messing up our lives in pursuit of things that doesn't really matter to us

Life is analogous to us holding two balls in our two palms, one a rubber ball, the other a glass ball

When life hits us, and we lose our balance a bit, the balls tend to fall off our palms, if we let the rubber ball fall, while regaining our balance and holding on the glass ball, it will eventually bounce back and we can get hold of it again

But if you end up letting the glass ball fall, in an attempt to secure the rubber ball, then it will break and will never be the same

These balls symbolize our relations 

The rubber ball is your work, your office Life, while the glass ball is your family

Many a times, in the pursuit of the rubber ball we end up ignoring the importance of relations in our Life and that is what results in so many successful peoples committing suicides, because of lack of personal warmth in their lives

Hence it is very important to fall back and revisit, the clutter that you have created in your personal Life and take some time out to clean that mess

And believe me, relations doesn't demand too fancy things, just a genuine concern and love and some easy ways like spending some quality time together can do wonders in cleaning your messy mind

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2. Don't Multitask

Multitasking is the superb way of confusing your mind with lots of activities simultaneously and ending up confused

Our human mind is designed to work the best, while working on a single task

Multitasking also lowers the quality of the tasks we do and might actually end up taking a lot more time and disturbing our peace of mind

Putting all your focus on a single task will help you achieve laser like focus and precision and will help you finish things timely and with the best quality

This will help you clean a messy mind and achieve inner peace

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3.  Set daily routine on Auto pilot

We end up putting a lot of pressure on our minds, for daily simple decisions, that can easily be avoided by putting them on auto pilot

Decisions like what dress to wear to college or office, what to have in the breakfast, what perfume to use, what trousers to use on which dress and so on can very easily be put on auto pilot

Just sit down and chalk out a dress, with a matching trouser, watch and perfume for every day of a week, now simply follow that list everyday to stop messing your day right in the morning everyday

Similarly, the meals can be pre planned for the entire week to include all types of food you love

You might have noticed various successful people like Mark Zuckerberg wearing the same type of dress everyday to avoid messing his mind with issues that can easily be avoided

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4.  Try being a Minimalist

A minimalist is a person who chooses to live on very minimal basic requirements

Simplicity kills and it really is the best accessory anyone can easily wear

Instead of being caught up in unnecessary pursuit of material things to make yourself look better in front of others, try becoming a minimalist and you will be gaining a lot of respect and affection automatically

This will not only save you tons of money and time, but will also help in keeping your home clean and decluttered

Checkout " How to start your day the right way" to learn more about better ways of starting your day

5.  Don't dwell on the past

Only your present can change your future, accept this fact and stop dwelling on your past

Past is to learn lessons from, not to spend your entire time wasting your present and future on it

You might have had some really awesome or awful memories in the past, but they are not your present anymore and the only way of creating a better future is by taking steps in the present

Some of the greatest people who have ever achieved success had some of the horrible pasts, be it Albert Einstein, APJ Abdul Kalam, Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Gandhi or any other great leader

But the only thing that made them success was their devotion to their present

Dwelling in the past fills your mind with unnecessary mess that you have absolutely zero control on and you get caught up in that mess to waste the present which is 100% in your control

So whatever may be your past, just get over it and move on for a better future

6.  Do some stretching

Some simple stretches a few times a day, will help relax your muscles and fill you with energy and enthusiasm

There are tons of easy to implement exercises readily available on Youtube, that can help you relax your tight muscles

When we sit down consistently for a long time at a same place, it ends up tightening our muscles which has many harmful effects like joint pain, muscle tear and other back related issues in the longer run

Making it a habit of doing some stretches every hour or two will make your life healthy and will avoid sleep and pump you up simultaneously

It will help you clear your mind and fill it with something positive

Mind and body work in sync, a positive body simulates the growth of hormones that helps you achieve a positive mindset

7.  Work on your breathing

Our breathing controls the flow of energy in our body and mind and that is what helps you feel happy and energetic

By practicing simple breath control exercises, we can help our body feel positive and relaxed

The best part about breathing exercises is that it does not require any fancy setup or equipments, all it takes is some time and a fresh environment

One of my favourite breathing exercise involves closing one nostril by placing your thumb against one side of your nose, then take a deep breath, now use the fingers to close the other side of your nose while removing the thumb, then release the breath from the other part of the nostril which is now open

Repeat this simple exercise several times a day and you feel be feeling a sense of deep relaxation and clarity 

8.  Clean the mess around you

The things we look at, the things we are surrounded with impact our minds a lot

A person whose surrounding is messy, tends to have a messy mind and that spreads to his work

On the other hand, a person who has a nicely set up decluttered home, tends to have a clear and confident mindset

Use KonMari Method to get rid of not so useful and un-productive things

Taught by a Japanese Guru Marie Kondo this is a masterpiece in itself teaching us about the importance of keeping the things we love around us while removing the things that are just occupying space around you.

It is a fun way of getting rid of things that mess with your mind and can easily be learnt online from Udemy or from various books available online

9.  Limit the intake of unnecessary Information

On a daily basis we are subjected to a whole lot of information both willingly and unwillingly

We have a conscious and a sub-conscious mind and our sub-conscious mind registers a lot of information that we might not even be giving our attention to

We can check and control the information, we feed our conscious mind by cutting out on unnecessary discussions on news channels and TV

Several social media channels like Facebook, whatsapp, instagram, if not used wisely end up destroying our peace of mind by making us assume that everyone's Life is glorious and happy, which is far from reality

Everyone has challenges in their lives and we need to understand this and not let social media into fooling us to believe otherwise

Cut on this waste of time and even if using social media, use it for gaining some really amazing factual information, on learning new hobbies and creating something meaningful for the society

10.  Practice Meditation

Meditation is the way of re-energizing our soul and refreshing our mind while clearing any mess that might have cropped up, due to daily bustle

It is the ultimate way of achieving a sense of calmness and the best part is, that the results are instantaneous

Just practice some meditation exercises for a few minutes and you can actually feel the calmness running through your body

You start to see the brighter side of everything and suddenly the things you have cluttered your mind with, starts appearing irrelevant

There are tons of videos and books on meditation that you can refer to learn few easy to implement techniques

Checkout " How to be positive in Life" 

11.  Get into the Nature's lap

We are a part of nature and no matter how messy your Life and mind may be

A simple stroll in nature can help you refresh your mind and body almost instantaneously

Nature always wants us to spend some time with it, so that we can fill our body with the much needed mix of energy and calmness, but in this concrete world, where buildings have overpowered everything, it is very easy to develop a messy mind

Switch everything off and spend some time in nature's lap, it doesn't need to be a full fledged vacation to Amazon, but even a simple morning walk or a sunday or saturday picnic out in a nearby natural scenery can do wonders in decluttering your mind

Once in a while find some time to spend out in nature and you will be seeing it's affect on your physical and mental health over time

I hope these tips help you clean your messy mind and achieve an amazing harmonious Life

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