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How to Control Anger : 10 Anger Management Tips that actually works

How to Control Anger : 10 Anger Management Tips that actually works

How to Control Anger : 10 Anger Management Tips that actually works

Anger is an intense emotional state of mind that triggers a strong uncomfortable and hostile response to a perceived hurt or provocation

In simple terms anger is an emotion that humans face whenever they feel provoked

It is natural and quite common, but being angry leads to a lot of physical changes in your body which has harmful effects like increased blood pressure, faster heart beats, increased body temperature, excessive sweating, increased adrenaline and a lot more...

So it is very important to learn to control our emotions, especially anger and how to respond to situations that can develop into an angry outburst

By learning and implementing these anger management tips you will be able to free your mind of unnecessary stress and enjoy a much calmer life

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At a Glance

  • Take deep slow breaths
  • Don't Talk
  • Do a countdown
  • Laugh it Out
  • Do some stretches
  • Try thinking from other person's point of View
  • Do it the Federer Way: Watch the Angry You
  • Use Music to Calm You
  • Express your Point when Calm
  • Practice being Grateful

Let's have a deeper understanding of each one of these amazing tips

1.  Take deep slow breaths

Anger triggers adrenaline which tends to increase the heart rate thus increasing the breathing rate

Just reverse the symptoms and you will cure the disease, whenever you start to feel angry, just take some time to concentrate on taking long deeper breaths

This will simulate a signal of peace and calmness to your brain thus making it believe that everything is normal

Our mind and body work in sync, so relaxing your body whenever anger tries to overpower you will help you counter the anger

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2.  Don't Talk

Some of the biggest battles on Earth started just because someone was not able to control their anger over a very petty issue and then the matter kept escalating resulting to huge loss of life and property

Talking while angry is the biggest mistake one can ever do, simply zip your mouth and don't utter a word when angry

It is just a matter of few moments, at times just a few seconds and the effect is simply huge

Just take some time and as specified earlier practice deep breathing to calm down your inner self

You can express your thoughts and views once you are calm again with utmost respect and facts to back it up

This will not just help you diffuse a probable fight but will also raise the sense of respect that other person has for you

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3.  Do a countdown

When we are angry, the body wants action and that's why it produces adrenaline to pump us up

But when in a meeting room or simply in a position wherein some physical exercise or stretch is not possible simply do a countdown

This will occupy your mind and will help you sail through that moment of extreme emotion

Count down from 10 to 1 or if you are really angry try counting down from from 100 to 1

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4.  Laugh it out

The one who has mastered the art of laughing at himself becomes un-defeatable

That is the power of self awareness, when you truly know and understand yourself, other's viewpoint of you can never bother or excite you

Make it a habit of taking things that disturbs your inner peace lightly and you will be witnessing a great shift in your life

A very famous example of it is Thomas Elva Edison, the famous scientist who discovered light bulb failed a number of times while discovering bulb and during that course of failures, one day, his laboratory caught fire and his entire office was burning

People thought that this may drive him crazy and might make him mentally unstable, but that is what differentiates legends

He started laughing, so someone went to him and told him not to worry and everything will be fine to which he replied that it is good that it happened, now all his mistakes are burnt, so that he can have a fresh start with a fresh mind

That is the power of mindset, so try laughing and looking at things from a positive angle

And just few weeks later Edison went on to discover the light bulb

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5.  Do some Stretches

Try doing some stretches to make the excess adrenaline produced to get working for you

Doing some stretches can help you relax your tightened muscles and will regulate the blood flow to produce a calming effect

Some easy to implement neck rolls, and shoulder rolls can do wonders in calming you down instantly

It will relax your body physically while diverting your mind from the thought that provoked you

6.  Try thinking from the other person's point of view

Remember the definition of Anger states that it is a set of emotions triggered when we "perceive" something offensive of what other person said or did

The thing is it stem's from our perception of the situation

Not everything in this world is simply binary, not everything is simply "YES" or "No" or "Right" or "Wrong"

For instance in Asian region, not taking your shoes off to the dining is considered rude while in many Western restaurants taking your shoes off is considered rude

Likewise for some people having alcohol is great while for some alcohol is something you should never have, it is always about opinions and in some way or the other both of them are right

In a similar manner, the thing that you perceived as offensive may not really be intended to offend you

So access the situation from the other person's point of view to get a better view at the situation

7.  Do it the Federer Way: Watch the Angry You

Roger Federer was a very angry young gentleman who used to smash his racket when suffering a defeat and this step is a lesson right from his Life

He watched video clips of himself thrashing a racket to realize how un-called for and bad that actually looks and from then onwards he worked on to never repeat it again

That is very powerful lesson, at times we don't realize how bad an atmosphere we end up creating when angry

If anger is something that drives you crazy very often, then ask a friend to make a video of the things you do when angry

Watch it when your anger has gone, and you will be realizing how un-called for the reaction was

Take lessons from it time to time and try improving yourself bit by bit by implementing the strategies mentioned here

Over time you will be happy and calm

8.  Use Music to Calm you down

Music is something that resonates with every mood of ours, be it happy, sad, passionate or angry

Try tuning into a soothing and calming music to calm yourself down when faced with a situation that drives you crazy

A good background music will not just simulate happy vibes to the mind but will also direct you away from the thought that may provoke you

You can make a playlist of soothing music to listen to, whenever you feel angry or provoked

9.  Express your Point when you are Calm

Once you have calmed yourself down, express your point of view and offer solutions and suggestions on how to improve the situation

Use "I" statements, instead of "You" statements, to address your point of view

For instance it is much more courteous to say "I am upset you left the table without offering help in doing the dishes" rather than "You never help with house-chores"

Be absolutely respectful and courteous while expressing your point of view to have a deeper impact

Avoid playing blame games as it would be un-necessarily fueling up the matter, say it in a better way as highlighted above

10.  Practice being Grateful

Be grateful for all the things you have in Life, instead of stressing over petty issues, this Life is too short to waste stressing over irrelevant issues

Being grateful will help you calm your inner self and will keep you from getting angry over petty issues

It will neutralize the stress hormones and will help you achieve inner calmness

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I hope these tips will help you control anger and have a calm and happy Life

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