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How to Eliminate distractions and stay focused at work

How to Eliminate distractions and stay focused at work

How to Eliminate distractions and stay focused at work

What does it take the sun rays to burn a piece of wood

Yeah you got it right !!!

An un-distracted ray of light, which we often call a focused beam of light

The same is true in our lives also

What is it that helps us achieve our goals ??

An un-distracted flow of dedicated efforts

And we encounter these distractions daily, sometimes visible and at times not so clearly visible

Like a small two minute phone call or a quick text, a quick scroll through the Instagram feed or liking a Facebook story, all of these may seem to take just 2-3 minutes, but regular such interruptions can affect your overall productivity and can hinder your work Life balance too

So let's take a quick look on how to eliminate distractions and stay focused at work

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At a Glance

  • Keep your goals in front of your Eyes
  • Do an Internal Audit
  • Do an External Audit
  • Surround Yourself with Productive People
  • Learn to Focus
  • Turn Off What is Not Important
  • Set a Deadline
  • Use Music to Cancel Noise
  • Learn to say "NO"
  • Set Time for Breaks

Let's have a deeper understanding of each one of these amazing tips

1.  Keep your goals in-front of your Eyes 

Use a sticker, postcard or simply a pin on your board to remind you of your goals

Keeping your goals in front of you will fill you with the energy, passion and purpose to help you steer your day and efforts accordingly

It will act as a compass, helping you navigate your way towards the end objective

You can put stickers on your fridge, bathroom, office desk, car and every other place where you feel you need to remind yourself to stay focused and dedicated towards a certain Aim

As is often pointed out, A Life without a purpose is like a body without the soul, so do every bit to remind your body of the existence of it's soul

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2.  Do an Internal Audit 

No one knows us better than we ourselves

So sit down for some Time and do an internal audit to find out the tasks that are a distraction for you in your daily routine

This step will help you categorize the tasks that you need to either stop doing or start spending lesser time on

These tasks can be as simple as checking your emails 10-15 times a day, which is absolutely unnecessary, as e-mails are not urgent means of communication, it does not require an immediate action, had that been the case the other person would have simply given you a call already

Just make a habit of checking and replying to the mails 2-3 times daily and you will improve your work performance drastically

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3.  Do an External Audit

Once you have identified the factors that you are responsible for distracting yourself with, you must also audit your surroundings to find the reasons that may be distracting you

This may be your co-worker or simply the office environment or the setup of your work-desk

Find it out and adjust it so that it no more distracts you

There may be a sticker on your office wall reminding you time and again of some shopping website or some of the dresses you wanna buy, simply remove that sticker and you will be feeling much more focused

Likewise, your coffee mug may have a sticker that reminds you to check some Netflix series all the Time, then simply replace your coffee mug with something more motivating and less distracting

All in all once you are done with categorizing a thing as a reason for distraction, human brain is wise enough to come up with ways to tackle it, the important thing is to realize that it is a distraction

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4.  Surround Yourself with Productive People

Do you know when do athletes run the fastest ??

They run the fastest when they see other person trying to overtake them

That is human tendency, we tend to share the energy we live in, if you are subjected to a lethargic and dull environment you end up becoming one, likewise if you are subjected to a passionate and energetic environment you end up being one

Likewise a person coming last in a race ends up bettering his timing every-time a person passes by him overtaking him, and unknowingly he ends up with much better a time than what he would have achieved had he run alone

So surround yourself with people who are productive and have already mastered the art of starving their distractions to death and you will end up gaining a lot of positive energy and enthusiasm

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5.  Learn to Focus

The bad news is that we as Humans have a very short focus span and with increased social media and smart devices that has further gone down drastically

But the good news is that like any other skill on the planet, focus can be increased and improved

The best way to improve our focus is by practicing meditation

There are tons of online videos and courses, many books teaching various meditation techniques to build up your focus and achieve a sense of inner calmness

Take some time to go through these videos and books to improve your focus span

6.  Turn Off What is not important

Turn off message notifications and any other notification that tends to distract you and urge you towards a distractions

Those message notifications on various social media apps end up consuming a lot of our useful Time, because that is what they are programmed for and you must learn to choose what you need to see and when you need to see them

While in office or during family Time, simply turn off these notifications

A step further would be to simply have some Time of your day marked as "Offline Time", wherein you can simply switch off your electronics devices to spend some quality time with yourself and your loved ones

Try doing this and you will be realizing that all this time you were wasting building a social circle that was not as warm and worthy as your real inner circle of family and friends is

7.  Set a Deadline

Setting a deadline will help you channel your tasks accordingly to achieve the results without wasting time on distractions

When we don't have a clear deadline in mind we tend to just falter away here and there, thus ending up wasting a lot of Time

You don't always need an external person to give a deadline for you, make a habit of setting a realistic deadline for the tasks at hand and try to beat them, this will not only help you keep yourself on track but will also help you gain ton of confidence

Make it a habit of giving yourself deadlines

8.  Use Music to Cancel Noise

If you work in an environment where the background is either too noisy, or too calm or simply too distracting, then this strategy will do wonders for you

Tune in to music, use headphones or earphones and play a background music that fills you with passion and energy

There is a difference between music and a song, use a background music that does not warrants your full attention instead of a song that often times demands your full attention

If not chosen appropriately, this music can often turn into a distraction itself, so choose a music that helps you keep yourself on track

9.  Learn to say "NO"

Not every request for a coffee break or for some gossip from your colleagues warrants a "YES"

Master the art of saying "NO", while not sounding rude

Site proper reason and highlight the importance of your work, and remember, it is your Time and you have all the right to say "No", just learn to say it effectively

Remember for every "YES" you are saying, you are actually saying "NO" to something else

A "YES" to some extra hours of office work is a "NO" to family time and Alone Time

A "Yes" to a prolonged coffee time and gossip time is a "NO" to the work Time which will ultimately end up becoming a "No" for your family Time or to the weekend outing

So learn to choose your "Yes" and "No"

10.  Set Time for Breaks

We are humans and humans need rest and breaks, so set up your schedule to include breaks at regular intervals

This refreshes your mind and body and helps you perform better

Use this time to answer to the texts you received or the things you didn't checked

But the most important thing is to keep this activity within the time slot you planned for breaks

Do-not let it get extended beyond the time slot you fixed or else as highlighted earlier, every "Yes" to a distraction or an un-important thing is essentially a "NO" to the important and essential things

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I hope these tips will help you eliminate distractions and stay focused

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