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How to End an Argument with your Partner (Boyfriend or Girlfriend)

How to End an Argument with your Partner 

10 Tips That Actually Works

How to End an Argument with your Partner (Boyfriend or Girlfriend)

You must have noticed that we tend to fight the most with the person we care about the most

Fortunately or Unfortunately, the people we care the most about, trigger our emotional being the most, and therefore our reactions, actions, over-reactions are most often tied to our personal history than the present moment

Various other parameters like your critical inner voices, psychological defense and attachment patterns also contribute to the degree of conflict we encounter with our partner

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When we get up in the morning, we come straight out of the fantasy dream world to this world, absolutely fresh and just like a new piece of clay ready to get molded in whatever the creator wants it to be

And hence learning to end arguments with your partner is not so easy a task but you certainly can improve your relation over time with these amazing and practical ways

So let's dive straight into the ways to end an argument with your partner

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At a Glance

  • Stay Physically Close 
  • Don't Pre-Assume
  • Agree to some changes
  • Shut the filter of your inner critical voice
  • Listen to Understand, not to Respond
  • Take Time to Calm Down
  • Avoid using Swear Words (Abusive Language)
  • Feel the situation, but Do the right thing
  • Use different Media to Proceed with the Argument
  • Remember that your Relationship is worth Saving

Let's have a deeper understanding of each one of these amazing tips

1.  Stay Physically Close

The calming effect that physical proximity has, is simply un-matchable

During a fight, we tend to part away from each other and staying close can give that warmth which is the need of the moment

Most of the times a simple hold or press of hands can work wonders in making your significant other, feel the importance they have in your Life

Try your best to stay close to each other during flaring tempers, and physical gestures like a hold of hands or rubbing your knees against theirs can work what no other word or gesture ever can

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2.  Don't Pre-Assume 

We have this habit of pre-assuming a lot of things that end up with us perceiving things way different than what it actually is

Develop a habit of hearing out the other person's version of the story before judging them and arriving on a verdict

Clarify all the details that you are assuming and most of the times you will be finding that a lot of what you pre-assume is not true

Implement this strategy to lower down the unnecessary stress levels you keep developing

Never ever come to a verdict without hearing the other person out completely, otherwise you will turn the time that could be spent more constructively into unnecessary worries 

3.  Agree to Some Changes

One of the best way to proceed in an argument is to put the other person in your shoes

To do that simply ask them " Ok that sounds great !!! Could you please tell me what I am doing wrong and how would you advice me to do it better ? "

This will immediately put them into a more practical approach rather than just saying or arguing for the sake of it

To give you an advice they would have to put themselves in your shoes and in doing that he will probably realize that what you are doing is infact the best response to that situation

And even if they come up with some really amazing advice then that solves your problem of wasting time in finding a better way of doing it, simply accept the better option and proceed

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4.  Shut the filter of your inner critical voice

Everyone has some filters that our sub conscious mind puts from time to time, and this is what we call bias

While dealing with an argument, these irrelevant thoughts that create a bias needs to be shut completely

And the best way to do that is by simply mastering the art of listening to the other persons point of view and analyzing it on the basis of facts

Don't let the image of what you think let you distort your partner's facts and point of view

This will help you have a constructive and happy long lasting relation

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5.  Listen to Understand, not to respond

This again is a tip to master the art of settling argument

And the Tip is to


Listen to understand the situation and circumstances and not to simply respond

Throw your guard off, you are not there to fight and win in an argument, an argument is not a battlefield

It is an exchange of point of views to come to a rationale and common understanding to deal with the situation

Simply put all your focus and mental calculations to picture the situation by using the facts and figures and then analyze the best possible solution with your significant other

Many a times we simply listen to respond and that is what curbs our thinking and can only turn things sour

6.  Take Time to Calm Down

Never respond when you are angry, because that is when we end up uttering things we neither mean nor would say otherwise, even to our enemies

Take some Time, usually 5 mins to simply sit back, drink some water and then proceed with your response

Giving yourself some Time will calm your nervous system down and will give your brain a boost to think more rationally

Taking these 5 mins can help you save loads of trouble and Time, by avoiding the things that should and must be avoided

7.  Avoid using Swear words (Abusive language)

Swear words can simply turn a normal simple argument into a full fledged fight and have often resulted in much dire consequences

So make it a habit of using the most noble words, while arguing or simply having a discussion over a topic wherein you have contradicting views to your partner

A swear word may be portrayed as looking cool or fashionable, but indeed it is the worst that you could ever do to compare your partner to something so bad

And when the tempers are high, even a small flicker can turn into a forest fire, so choose your words very carefully while being in an argument

It is much easier said than done, but when one of the most important person in your Life is concerned, you have to be extra cautious

8.  Feel the situation, but Do the right thing

Getting a gist of the situation is very important and to do that, sitting down and listening is essential, but that does not mean hiding your feelings or not considering the facts

Access the situation without any bias, while still feeling what your partner is trying to convey and then present what you feel is the best to proceed in that situation, even if it is something not very similar to what your partner is suggesting

This way you both will be having a basket of ideas to brainstorm and choose from in any situation

But make sure to be open to genuine better ways to proceed in that situation while brainstorming on those ideas

9.  Use different media to proceed with the Argument

Text is the worst way of communication, because it can never capture the true emotions of a person, no matter what or how many emoticons you use

A simple call or a video call is much better than arguing via text because it offers a better understanding of a persons current state of mind and circumstances

The best way to have an argument is by being physically present with each other, as it gives the best idea about what the other person is feeling mentally, physically and emotionally

Instead of just arguing over a phone call or a text, simply go for a small meeting at a coffee shop or a nearby park

10.  Remember that your Relationship is worth Saving

Remember and always keep it in the back of your mind that your relationship is worth saving

Remember all the sweet and amazing memories you both had together

Go through an old album to find reasons to stick with your partner

More often than not, you will be realizing that this argument is not even worthy of putting your relationship at stake

Simply find better ways to communicate and spend time with your partner while working on improving any bad habit that might be creating problems again and again

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