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How to help the Environment with Simple Tips to Save the Earth

How to help the Environment

Simple Ways to Save the Earth

How to help the Environment with Simple Tips to Save the Earth

We all have grown up listening about how great leaders in various international summits talk about climate change and how to help the environment and save the Earth, How global warming is on a rise, how temperatures are on a rise

There are tons of media coverage on these issues and then we look at ourselves and think, can we really change something?, Is there anything we can do to save the Earth?, How to help the Environment?

And most of the time because of lack of knowledge and proper guidance we end up ignoring this issue and go back to our daily lives knowingly or unknowingly destroying the environment we live in

So today I have taken this opportunity to come up with some really amazing and easy to implement tips on how to help the Environment

Let's make it very clear in the beginning itself that helping the environment does not require any fancy efforts, it is these small changes in our Lifestyles that when implemented results in a huge impact

While governments and global organizations are doing their bit in helping save the Earth, let's make a pledge to implement these amazing tips at our end and make our contribution to this noble cause

And before I forget to mention it, helping the environment, many a times helps us in saving money too

So let's dive into these amazing ways of helping each other in saving the Earth

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At a Glance

  • Go with Online Shopping
  • Use Carpool
  • Combine your market trips
  • Use Public Transport when possible
  • Try cycling once in a while
  • Reduce Food Wastage
  • Donate the Excess to Food Kitchens
  • Learn Ways to Reuse Leftovers
  • Take Home what is Left
  • Use smaller plates at parties
  • Use steel instead of plastic
  • Avoid Television Time
  • Spread the word
  • Grow your own Veggies

Let's have a deeper understanding of each one of these amazing tips

1.  Go with Online Shopping

Now this may sound a bit awkward but that is what research have suggested

According to a study by Pittsburgh's Carnegie Mellon University, online shopping saves tons of energy and fuel as compared to going to a store for shopping

This eventually helps in lowering the carbon footprint as compared to the conventional way of shopping

The research reveals a humongous 30% reduction in energy and fuel consumption while opting for online marketing

Online marketing while making it easier and affordable to shop from the comfort of your bed is actually a great way of helping the environment and saving the Earth

So make it a mantra of going for online marketplace wherever possible and make your noble contribution in saving the Environment

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2. Use Carpool

Save tons of fuel, money and carbon emissions by using carpool while commuting to office

With affordable carpool services available online, it has become easier and safer than ever to utilize this amazing feature

Even cab services like Uber, Ola are also offering shared cab services which are affordable, saves you on parking charges and are easier and safer to order and commute in

Instead of using your own car, you can try shifting to cab services, which saves the headache of finding a parking spot, paying for parking charges, the headache of keeping all the paperwork in place and the biggest of them all to spend so much time behind the wheels which can be spent much more productively

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3.  Combine your market trips

Make a list of all the things you might need to buy from the grocery store and plan a single trip instead of multiple trips to the market

Studies have suggested that starting a vehicle from scratch cold condition to make two separate trips can consume almost double the fuel than making a longer single trip 

This will not only help you decrease the carbon footprint but will also make you save tons of time and money and will be making your Life easier

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4.  Use Public Transport when possible

Just like a carpool can save tons of money, fuel and can significantly reduce carbon footprint, public transport can further help you in saving ever better while helping you save the environment too

Several studies have revealed that commuting by public transport, instead of cars can reduce tons of carbon emissions and can significantly reduce your carbon footprint

While it may not feel too comfortable to opt for public transport instead of your cosy car, but when it comes to saving the environment all these little steps count

And in some adverse weather conditions, you may actually find public transport like metro or rail to prove much better than a car

Furthermore it will give you a lot of time which you can spend in much more productive things than wasting behind the wheels

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5.  Try Cycling once in a while

You might be the one who always thinks of joining a gym and might have once in your lifetime even made it your new year resolution to lose weight and join a gym

But later on decided against it siting your busy schedule as the primary reason

Well this is the opportunity for you to shed some extra calories while helping save the Earth

Try cycling to job or grocery shops, this will not only help you lose some extra pounds but will also give you proper exposure to sunlight, help you consume the required 8 glasses of water and give your joints the much needed workout

Promote the ones in your office to cycle with you to Office, as getting a partner will help you continue it for a longer time

6.  Reduce the food wastage

It is such an alarming and sad thing to know that around 40% of total food is wasted in America itself, now scale that to the entire world and you will be getting tons of food going straight to the trash

While there are billions of people sleeping hungry every night, we end up wasting such a huge proportion of our food

We are amongst the few who were given this privilege of good food and we must respect this and help the others who are less fortunate than us

Buy and cook only the food that you can consume and the best way to keep a track of it is by simply making a diary and mentioning the food quantity you use daily for around a week

7.  Donate the Excess to Food Kitchens

Even after a thorough planning, some food is bound to be left in excess

This can be donated to the food kitchens in your locality, which then can be used by the people in need

This will help the needy get the food as well as saving on a lot of energy that has gone into the production and transportation of that food

This will help in reducing the carbon footprint tremendously

Likewise the excess food after a special ceremony can again be donated to food kitchens and other such organizations that help the needy

8.  Learn ways to Reuse Leftovers

A lot of time we simply put a meal to dustbin after a day, without even giving a thought on whether it can be used in other dishes or can be preserved via some techniques for use at a later stage

Learn about several ways of reusing the excess food in other dishes, just like Oreo uses the discarded Oreos to manufacture a new Oreo

This will help the environment save a lot of energy and reduce carbon footprint, while making you feel grateful for the things you have

Disclaimer : We do not promote the extended use of rotten leftovers just for the sake of environment, but wherever possible, try reusing the extra meals that are in good condition !!!

9.  Take Home what is Left

Whenever visiting a restaurant keep an extra bag to take home the extra food that is left

This will not only help you create an image of an environment savvy but will also reduce the burden of cooking an extra meal at home

10.  Use smaller plate at parties

This may sound a little too much, but actually in parties we end up wasting a lot of food, as most of the times, it is not we who are paying for it

Taking a smaller plate will help you stay in check, and anyways you can always load up your plate whenever needed

If you want you can take a bigger plate too, but be conscious about what you are taking and whether you will be able to finish it or not

It is always better to go with smaller quantity when in doubt as you can always take some more

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11.  Use steel instead of Plastic

Using steel equipments like spoons, mugs, containers can help save tons of wastage which comes from the usage of disposable plastic

Steel items will be lasting longer and will help in reducing the carbon footprint on the environment

Tell the online food delivery services not to send extra plastic cups and spoons, instead use the ones available at Home

Similarly at parties and in public gathering, promote the usage of steel or wooden spoons and glasses

This will help a long way in saving the environment from harmful effects of plastic and will be saving a lot of energy that goes into manufacturing, processing and transporting these materials

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12.  Use your own Bag in Supermarkets

Using your own bag will not only be saving tons of energy that goes into each bag that supermarket sells you on your daily visit, but will also be saving you a good amount of money and headache of disposal of that bag

Make it a habit of carrying your own bag whenever visiting a supermarket or a nearby shop

You can use various DIY techniques to easily turn an old dress of your's into a good handbag to flaunt to your friends and neighbors while helping the environment

13.  Spread the Word

While a lot of things, we should not advertise, but being environment savvy is something you should promote amongst your friends, colleagues and family members

You should teach your children or if you are a teacher than should educate the students about these amazing environment savvy techniques

It will not only help impact the environment at a large but will also promote you as an environment friendly responsible citizen of the society

You can share this amazing article with others to help them understand the way they can help the environment

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14.  Grow your own Veggies

If you are someone who loves to do some gardening then you can actually grow a lot of veggies you need at your home as well

There are many online websites teaching you on how to grow vegetables in a small portion of your kitchen

Or if you have a garden, then why not contribute to the environment with some delicious home grown veggies

And believe me there is nothing tastier than a vegetable that you have grown from a seed or a sapling to a complete fruit

It will have in it the love and care that you have put into it

So GO GREEN and help your family and friends also recognize the potential they have in helping the environment and saving the EARTH !!!

Tell us how this article helped you and what more can be added in the comments below, to help the Environment !!!

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