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How to make Friends in a New City : 10 Tips that Actually Work

How to Make Friends in a New City

10 Tips that Actually Work

How to make Friends in a New City : 10 Tips that Actually Work

Whether you got married and are settling in a new place, have got a promotion, a job switch, moving out to a new city for studies, trying out new locality for a change, making new friends is one of the issues you will be facing

We humans love to be in our comfort zone and hence hate changes, but it is who adapts to changes fast that lives the best

So while moving out to a new city, we must know some easy to implement strategies to get loads of real friends fast

With age, it sometimes becomes a bit tough to get to make friends fast

So here's some really helpful tips to help you come out of your shell and become comfortable with new people faster

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At a Glance

  • Revisit your Friend List
  • Participate in Community Events
  • Explore Local Shops
  • Ask Open Ended Questions
  • Visit Community parks
  • Join a Nearby faith Group
  • Join Local Communities on Social Media
  • Join a Gym or a Yoga Class
  • Go out with Office Colleagues
  • Join a Local Book Club

Let's have a deeper understanding of each one of these amazing tips

1.  Revisit your Friend List

Just revisit your friend list to find out old acquaintances, some high school friend, or a childhood fiend who happened to be living in the same place

There might be people in your extended friend circle who might have lived in the city you just moved into, in the past, they may be able to help find out some really helpful people in the new place

Connecting with people this way will not only help you make some really deep bonds, but will actually help you establish trust faster

People understand how challenging a move it is to shift to new localities and will be more than ready to help you establish yourself in the new place

All you have to do is just ask, and let your friends know that you have moved to a new place, so that they can contribute their part in introducing you to someone they know

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2. Participate in Community Events

The best way to gain trust and make friends is when people work together for a similar cause

Identify some community events that you are interested in and help out people, this will help you make ties with like minded people

These kind of ties end up lasting for lifetime

It will help you become a part of a community, which will go a long way in establishing yourself in the new city

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3.  Explore Local Shops 

You might love shopping in big malls and discovering new restaurants and they do their bit in helping you find the best places to spend your time in the new city

But exploring local shops, gives the best experience when it comes to making new friends in a new city

Look out for great local shops and strike a conversation with the owner and you will be getting to know a lot about the locality and the local news, the things that are the best,worst,must try and never to try, basically a do and don't of the new city can be obtained from a good local shop owner

Older people that have visited a local shop from their childhood, don't usually tend to change their shopping destinations and you might end up making some really wise friends there

Be open and warm in meeting people at the shop

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4.  Ask Open Ended Questions

Whenever meeting a new person in a city, that seems a good fit for a friend, ask open ended questions, instead of a simple "Yes" or "No" answers type question

Instead of asking "Messi or Ronaldo" type of questions, try asking "What type of football play they prefer ?" 

Be a conversation specialist with easy to answer yet elaborative questions, rather than a simple single statement answer type question

Try relating to your own experience about the same to make the conversation warm and you may end up winning a like minded friend for Life

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5.  Visit Community parks

Community parks are a great tool of making new friends and finding some inner peace

If you have a pet or can find some neighbor's pet that you can help out with a morning walk then do it

People love talking over common topics and what better than a common pet

This may introduce you to a whole new community of pet lovers and can help you find some really cool friends to share some pet grooming tips with, and someone to leave your pet with, while going outside on some official trip

These type of communities are very common and very easy to become a part of, so channel this way of making friends

6.  Join a Nearby Faith Group

Faith is what connect very large and helpful communities and faith is what makes these communities really helpful and people there are always willing to go out of their way to help someone in need

It is always a bonus to be part of a great faith group near you

Not only will they help you practice your religion and celebrate common festival, but will also help you when in need

They are really easy to find and join, visit your nearby church, mosque or temple and ask people for the existence of such groups

You can search the same on social media like Facebook, for groups in your locality

7.  Join Local Communities on Social Media

With the boom of social media, it has become easier to find communities online

You can find ton of communities, relating to different interests that you might have in your region

Join those like minded groups and you might end up making some really great collaborators for Life

Be it your hobby, a social cause, a faith group, or simply any local community group, it is always great to have advises and suggestions from various people, so consider joining them

8.  Join a Gym or a Yoga Class

A gym or a Yoga class is yet another way of meeting like minded people while helping improve our health

Take a membership for a nearby gym or yoga class and be open in sharing your experiences regarding health or illness that you might have suffered in the past and how different set of exercises helped you overcome it

People love true emotional encounters and end up relating with a lot of stories with events from their lives and this strengthens the bond between the two of you

If you know or have learnt some new technique in your past locality, or if you know something that was a native practice of your past locality, then share your experience and be open to teach others

This might end up taking an hour or two extra from you, but believe me when you give something to others, without asking for anything in return, it simply stays forever in the heart, and will go down a long way in building some deep trust and friendship

9.  Go out with Office Colleagues

We share a special relation with the colleagues we work with and one of the best way to build trust with your team mates is by taking them out on lunch or a dinner

As we end up working close with a group of colleagues, try asking them out on a lunch or dinner at your place

Well !!! Even a coffee shop or a restaurant will do, but the personal touch that asking them over to your place will bring is un-matchable, and they may help introduce you to some of their friends living on the same street

They may help you guide with the best shops for getting a new cover for your sofa or TV

In addition to all these advantages, it will help you establish a trust and reputation in the new work environment and may help you in your professional career as well

10.  Join a Local Book Club

If you are a book lover, then this will do wonders for you !!!

Visit local Libraries and join book clubs that suit your taste, and you will end up making some really interesting friends

People love, simply love to discuss what they have read in a book with someone of the same interest and they will be more than happy to discover someone with a similar taste willing to join them

Libraries witness some of the really wise minds which will help you in the long way with many decisions especially in settling in to the new city, plus may guide you with some of the most important decisions of your Life

I hope these tips help you relocate better and create a healthy friend circle faster

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