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How to Make Someone feel Important, Loved and Special

How to Make Someone feel Important, Loved and Special

9 Practical Tips that Always works

How to Make Someone feel Important, Loved and Special

Everyone in this world, be it your friends, family, colleagues, the shopkeeper next road or even the doctor spreading love and care, wants to feel loved

We humans are wired to be social beings and hence the feeling of being cared for, being loved for is natural

Often times we love our partners, friends, colleagues and family members, but fail to express it

And believe it or not, we humans crave for love and importance and simple show of gratitude and love can help us foster relationships that last forever

The best part is, it doesn't require some fancy stuff to show your Love and respect for others, all it takes are some simple, easy to adopt habits

Today we will be focusing on these small habits that we can inculcate to make the life of people around us more beautiful

So let's discuss some amazing ways on how to make someone feel important, loved and special

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At a Glance

  • Give Sincere Genuine Compliments
  • Don't just talk - LISTEN
  • Ask them to Teach You
  • Join some classes together
  • Create new memories together
  • Leave hand written notes thanking them
  • Give them a Surprise
  • Invest Time in Them
  • Don't Criticize or Complain

Let's have a deeper understanding of each one of these amazing tips

1.  Give Sincere Genuine Compliments

This may sound very easy, but sincere genuine compliments are often very difficult to deliver

You don't have to go over the board with too cheesy compliments like, "You look like the most beautiful women this earth has ever seen"

Nor should the compliment be half hearted like "You look good", with a fake smile

Simply balance it out with a sincere compliment like, "You look gorgeous in this red dress"

This is sincere, to the point and genuine, like yeah you are really looking amazing in this red dress

If you really care for someone, then these small things like an ear-ring, or a belt that is simply standing out are very easy to find and consider while giving a compliment

Don't go too over the board with complimenting each and every-thing you can find, as it gives a very fake impression and nullifies all the sincere compliments you have ever given

Find a balance between what to compliment on and what not to compliment

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2. Don't just talk - LISTEN

In a world where everyone has an opinion over everything, it is very difficult to find someone who listens

Listening to someone's views are the best way to make them feel important and special

And listening is an attribute of being silent, so to listen to someone, you must stop talking and spend some time listening and absorbing what the other person is feeling

It will make them feel important and will develop a deeper bond between the two of you

You can compliment this with some questions to further enhance that bond as one can only ask questions, when they have genuinely invested some time listening to what you have said

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3.  Ask them to teach you

Identify what the other person is good at, and ask them to help you become better at it

It may be as simple as learning to play chess, learning to play table tennis, some help with the studies or simply learning to tie a special kind of knot

There are plethora of things that one can learn and there are several things that you might not already be knowing and can ask them for their help in learning

This will make them feel important in the sense that, you really trust and appreciate their skills and would love to spend some time learning from them

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4.  Join some classes together

There are tons of things you can ask them to join you in learning

Joining a new yoga or gym classes, to joining some software learning course together, to spending some time together learning a new course or recipe on Youtube or Udemy

You can discuss things that you learned together and find better ways to implement them

It will create a bond between the two of you and will make the other person feel loved and special

Try running a marathon together, for which you can prepare a few weeks in advance by checking up some youtube videos

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5.  Create New Memories Together

The best way to making someone feel loved,respected and cared is by spending some quality time with them

Create some new memories together and it doesn't have to be a round the world trip, just a small stroll in a nearby park to refresh some old memories together will do

Likewise a small trip to the woods on a weekend, or a simple night out in a nice hotel by the country side, or a simple dinner at their favourite restaurant, or a cup of coffee at some really special (special in the sense that you have fond memories of that place) cafe, or a simple candle-light dinner at your Home

If someone gets to making someone feel important and loved, there are tons of ways he can come up with

6.  Leave hand written notes thanking them

There may be tons of different gifts available online with many fancy hand writings to make someone feel special and happy, but nothing can match that simple piece of paper made special with your hand written note

People always appreciate efforts and efforts are what make us humans feel special and loved

It might not take more than two minutes to write down a thank you note, for that amazing sandwich you had in the breakfast

But believe me the smile it will bring on that person's face will be priceless

You may find a hand written birthday wish, very casual and cheap, but believe me there is nothing more precious than that piece of paper, if it is genuine

7.  Give them a Surprise

Whether we say it out loud or not, we all love surprises !!!

Find what they love and give them surprises

Find something that will remind them of you and at the same time matches with their interest, the best way to figure that out is to find something that is your common interest and git them the thing

It maybe a collection of your photos together as an album, to some fitness calorie-tracker band

Find out what resonates with them and their daily routine

8.  Invest Time in Them

Invest some quality Time to know each other better

Share those little secrets that you rarely share, get to know each other's strengths, weaknesses, future plans, past experiences, dreams and wish-lists

This will help you with choosing the perfect gift and selecting the best common topic to talk with them

Furthermore, spending some time with them will automatically be making them feel important, loved and respected

9.  Don't Criticize or Complain

Even if something is not perfect don't find mistakes and criticize

There is so much love respect and understanding when the other person comes to know that despite the thing being imperfect, you didn't complain

This is where trust and love is built and nurtured, not everything will be perfect all the time, learn to appreciate the efforts and ignore the fine linings

Let me share a very famous story of Dr APJ Abdul Kalam, a great scientist and ex-President of India, was having dinner with his family in his childhood, when he noticed that the chapatis they were having were overcooked and a little burnt

His father kept on eating the chapatis without uttering a single word, while young Kalam was looking at this

After they finished the dinner and went to bed, Kalam asked his father, why didn't you complain to mother that the chapatis were burnt and not good to eat

His father replied, son that chapati didn't last more than a few minutes in my mouth and tasted bad just for those few minutes when they were in my mouth

But had I said something because of it to your mother, it surely would have lasted many days and would have probably destroyed her peace of mind already

But when she will be noticing that I didn't uttered anything while having those imperfect chapati, that sense of love and respect will be staying forever with her

It is very easy to find mistakes and criticize, but it is very difficult to earn that respect and love that we get by making someone feel important, loved and special

I hope these lovely tips will help you in making someone feel important, loved and absolutely special

Leave How you felt any anything you would like to add in the comment section below

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