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How to Sleep better and faster : 13 Tips to Fall Asleep fast

How to Sleep better and faster : 13 Tips to Fall Asleep fast

How to Sleep better and faster : 13 Tips to Fall Asleep fast

Sleep is just as important for a human body as is a healthy diet, regular exercise and proper sunlight

The longest recorded time a person has ever spent without sleeping is around 11 days, but for a normal human 3-4 days of sleeplessness can result in dire consequences like hallucinations

Sleep is much important a thing that many of us actually think it to be

A good night's sleep can simulate good hormone growth, stabilize blood flow and create a fresh and stress-free body

While on the other hand, improper sleep cycles can result in heart diseases, kidney diseases, diabetes, irregular blood pressure, stress and a plethora of other such ailments

With the advancements in social media and technology, sleep has suffered a lot

Long hours of chats at night, exposure to non-desirable lights at night has resulted in altered sleep cycles and has drastically reduced the quantity and quality of sleep in both children and adults

This has resulted in a rise of obesity and heart diseases amongst others

Here are a few easy to implement tips to help you sleep better and faster

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At a Glance

  • Increase the daytime Exposure to Sun light
  • Reduce the evening time Exposure to Light
  • Avoid using Lights at Night
  • Cut out Irregular Long day Naps
  • Create a consistent sleep cycle
  • Don't drink fluids before going to Bed
  • Limit Caffeine intake at Night
  • Don't Smoke before Bedtime
  • Avoid Alcohol before Bed
  • Choose your Food wisely
  • Adjust your Bed-Room Environment
  • Choose a cosy Bed
  • Take a Hot relaxing shower before Bed

Let's have a deeper understanding of each one of these amazing tips

1.  Increase the Daytime Exposure to Sun Light

Our body has a natural clock to keep track of the day and night, by accessing the exposure to sunlight, this is termed as circadian rhythm

By increasing the daytime exposure to sunlight, we are helping our body determine the daytime and hence prepare itself to go on a sleeping mode once the night time approaches

In today's world wherein lights have flooded the night and made it appear like a day, it is very important to give a clear picture of day and night to our brain

If it is really difficult to increase the exposure to daylight due to some reasons out of your control, you can simply simulate the day-night cycle with the help of day light bulbs available online

During several accidents in mines, when workers got stuck underneath, they utilized this strategy of simulating day and night with the torch lights to survive till help could rescue them after several days

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2.  Reduce the Evening Time Exposure to Light

Just the way daytime exposure to light simulates the feeling of day to our body, likewise night time exposure to light especially the blue light can very badly affect the sleep cycle

All the electronic devices we use from smartphones to television emit blue light

Exposure of large amount of blue light at night will trigger the brain into thinking it is still day and will reduce the production of melatonin, the hormone responsible for inducing sleep

There are several ways you can limit the exposure of blue light during the evening

Wear glasses to block blue lights, there are several UV cut glasses available online, use one while working on your laptop in the evening

Reduce the Television time, especially 1-2 hours before sleep, to reduce unnecessary exposure to blue light

Use apps like f.lux to reduce the exposure to blue light while working on your laptop or computer

Download similar apps for your mobile, there are several such apps available for both android and iphone users

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3.  Avoid using Lights at Night

The exposure of light at night can drastically affect your sleep, so create a dark environment to sleep in

Close all the windows with proper curtains and shades to avoid any street-lights to enter the room

This simulates melatonin, and helps us get a good night's sleep

If you are afraid of sleeping in complete darkness, then use a very dim nightlight, that too should not be directly falling in your eye

You can use sleep masks to avoid unnecessary lights falling into your eyes

If you happen to wake up at night for washroom, then use very dimly lit nightlights or you can use a small flashlight

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4.  Cut out Irregular Long Day Naps

Long stretches of naps at day, can alter the sense of timing of our body, thus disturbing the sleep cycle, the same as we experience when we change time zones during our overseas travel

While short strategic naps can help you refuel your energy at the day, long irregular naps can drastically affect your night's sleep

If you are facing sleeping issues at night, then do consider cutting down the day naps

Plan the naps strategically, so that you are not taking any naps an hour or two prior to the regular bed-time

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5.  Create a Consistent Sleep Cycle

The Circadian Rhythm of the body sets itself based on the daily routine our body follows

Create a consistent waking and sleeping cycle as it directly effects the quality of sleep you get

Having a different sleeping pattern for weekdays and weekends can severely affect the quality of our sleep

Try maintaining a simple and consistent sleep cycle to avoid jet-lag symptoms 

If you have a late night party, try compensating for the same with some day-time naps instead of sleeping over the morning, to avoid disturbing your daily sleep cycle

Choose an optimum bed-time when you naturally feel sleepy and match it with the morning get-up time when your body should naturally wake you up

This might sound a bit crazy, but adjusting the lifestyle a bit here and there can help you a lot in achieving this perfect alarm clock less sleep routine

And the health benefits of a perfect sound sleep are countless, you will be fresh and energetic throughout your day by getting your sleep cycle right

6.  Don't Drink fluids before going to bed

Drinking lots of fluids just before sleeping will trigger urination in between your sleep, thus interrupting the sleep unnecessarily

In medical terms it is called nocturia, which adversely affects the sleep quality and hence the overall mood and energy throughout the day

Try not to consume fluids 1-2 hours before going to bed

Furthermore, make it a habit of going to bathroom, once before going to bed, it will drastically decrease the chances of need for urination at night

7.  Limit Caffeine Intake at Night

Caffeine in the form of tea or coffee has the property of inhibiting the sleep inducing property of the body

You may be surprised to know that caffeine can affect sleep even after 10-12 hours of intake, so limit the intake of coffee, especially in the late evening and night to prevent it from affecting your sleep cycle

8.  Don't smoke before Bedtime

Just like coffee, smoking also prevents the body from inducing sleep, thus disturbing the natural sleep cycle of the body

Don't smoke 2-3 hours prior to going to bed

Smoking contributes to the inhalation of several irritants like nicotine that contributes towards the swelling of the airway, especially the soft tissues lining the nose and throat, thus resulting in various sleep disorders like snoring and sleep apnea 

9.  Avoid Alcohol before bed

Having Alcohol 2-3 hours before bedtime can adversely affect your entire sleep cycle

Alcohol inhibits the production of the hormones responsible for inducing sleep and can result in various sleep disorders like sleep apnea and snoring

It disrupts the hormonal balance of the body and can result in irregular sleeping cycles and hence can have negative impact on the energy levels throughout the day

In addition to the above mentioned reasons, taking too much fluids before bed can anyhow trigger a urination cycle throughout your night, thus disrupting sleep and spoiling mood

10.  Choose your food wisely

The food you eat throughout the day plays a vital role in deciding the quality of your sleep

Having very sugary food or refined carbs as is present in white rice, white bread, pasta etc can adversely affect the production of melatonin, the sleep inducing hormone

So cut back on very sugary and refined carbohydrate foods

Try making your dinner 1-2 hours prior to going to bed and avoid very heavy meals at night

Very spicy and acidic food can cause stomach troubles like acidity and gas at night thus destroying the quality of sleep at night 

Certain people find bedtime snacks like low sugar cereals, banana, milk or a small turkey sandwich very helpful in sleeping, while some people find it very disturbing

Find out what works for you and act accordingly 

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11.  Adjust your Bed-Room Environment

There are several factors like outside noise, light, room temperature, aroma that contribute and affect the night sleep

Try eliminating all types of noises that may bother you at night, if it is hard to counter the noise from traffic or neighbors in your locality, then consider sound-proofing your room

There are several techniques available online to sound-proof your room

Adjust your room temperature to suit your body type, usually a temperature of 21 degree Celsius is considered the optimum

Use room fresheners and candles to lit up the aroma of the room

All in all, make it the perfect place to be in the world

12.  Choose a cosy bed

In addition to adjusting your environment to provide you the best sleep, also choose a cosy comfortable bed that makes you feel awesome to spend time on

Everybody has different body type and hence different needs and wants, so choose a bed that suits you the best

That way you will feel like on a vacation daily and it will improve your sleep quality and overall mood and happiness

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13.  Take a Hot relaxing shower before bed

Now this one is a gem, a hot relaxing shower with bath salts is the best thing to relax your tense muscles and simulate your brain for a perfect night's sleep

It is a perfect way of simulating your body temperature to the perfect degree for a cosy night's sleep

If you are not a shower person and taking a bath at night seems quite impossible, try dipping your feet in hot water tub with some salts to get a warm and cosy stimulus for a better sleep

I hope these tips will help you get a quality night's sleep !!!

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