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How to Start Your day the Right Way | 10 Tips That Actually Works

How to Start Your day the Right Way 

10 Tips That Actually Works

How to Start Your day the Right Way | 10 Tips That Actually Works

Well begun is half done !!!

And that's why it is so very important to start on a positive note

A morning filled with positivity and enthusiasm sets the tone for the rest of your day

When we get up in the morning, we come straight out of the fantasy dream world to this world, absolutely fresh and just like a new piece of clay ready to get molded in whatever the creator wants it to be

In certain traditions it is believed that our soul travels back to our body from some higher conscious level and it becomes really important to show it the best way to kickstart your day

So let's just dive into the tips to start your day the right way

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1.  Count your blessings and be Grateful

Gratitude is the best way to kickstart your day

Thank God for every little thing that you can think of, simply close your eyes for a moment while sitting on your bed and 
Thank God 
for waking you up
for giving you eyes to see the world
for such a beautiful family
for good health
for providing you food
for giving you a roof over your head
for being by your side when no one was
for taking care of you as you grew wiser and better

Thank Him for everything because you may not always realize how blessed you are
Thank Him because not everyone is blessed with a new day

Practicing Gratitude will fill you with positive energy and a sense of humbleness and responsibility to lead the rest of your day making the best use of the resources given to you

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2.  Don't touch your Smartphone before having your breakfast

This is the biggest mistake more often than not a lot of us do daily

When we get up fresh and with a blank mind, don't fill it with all the crap of the worldly matters

Instead spend that Time with your inner self followed by some quality time with your kids or spouse talking about the beauty of this universe

That is the key to it all, giving yourself a vote over the outside world will sub consciously do wonders to boost your confidence and energy levels

3.  Get some fresh light

Open the blinds to get some fresh light falling on your face and body

It refreshes your body and sends your mind the signal to stop producing the sleep inducing melatonin and instead produce adrenalin, the enzyme that boosts energy and signals your mind and body that you are ready to start

This is a simple strategy but can help wonders in setting you up for a positive start

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4.  Do some meditation or yoga

Dedicate some of the morning time, if possible 15 minutes to practice some breathing exercises and some stretches

It doesn't have to be too professional a stretch pose or too dynamic an exercise, but something that makes your body feel better and refreshed

You can start with a breath control exercise I personally love the most

It involves closing one side of your nostril by pushing a thumb against it while taking a slow deeeeeep breath down the other part of the nostril, now hold that breath while you change your thumb position to the other side of the nostril and breath out the air from it

Now breath via the other part of the nostril while still blocking the first surface of nostril and simply repeat the process

Do this 15- 20 times in the morning and you will be feeling a rush of energy and calmness flowing through your body

Here's a wonderful helpbook to help you with some of the best breathing exercises

5.  Drink a glass of Lukewarm Water

A normal human body requires around 8 glasses of water intake everyday

Reduce that count to 7, right in the morning by having a glass full of fresh water

Having water in the morning sets a lot of things right like detoxing your body properly, keeping your skin hydrated, keeping your gut and internal organs healthy

According to Japanese Medical society, drinking water in empty stomach can help you cure different ailments like headache, arthritis, TB, kidney stones, urinary disorders, heart ailments, high blood pressure and a lot more

It calms you down both internally and externally 

6.  Stretch your Body

There is absolutely nothing as relaxing as a stretch right after you get up in the morning

It is so relaxing and rejuvenating that most of the creatures has it as a reflex to stretch their body to infinity, once they get up

Use that time to actually do some simple stretches, loads of which can be easily learnt from this amazing step by step tutorial

Stretching your body regularly will help you relax your body and will make it more flexible and healthier for a longer time

It will save you tons of pain and money during the old age

Even in today's generation, slouching back and lethargic posture is very prevalent amongst youth

Proper stretches can help you avoid a bad posture and will keep your body healthy and flexible for Life

7.  Clean your Tongue

While people brush their teeth regularly, cleaning their tongue is something people miss out very often, without even realizing that there are thousands of bacteria responsible for plethora of ailments and bad smell residing right there on their tongue

Cleaning your tongue can not only make you more adorable by preventing your mouth from stinking with bad smell but can actually prevent you from a plethora of other diseases

Make it a habit of using a tongue cleaner to clean your tongue at regular intervals of two-three days, if not daily

Or you can simply use your brush to brush your tongue

Make sure you change your brush within 3 months, to prevent them from accumulating too many germs on them and losing too many hairs

Taking good care of your oral hygiene can push your self confidence and overall health up 

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8.  Sit underneath a shower for 2 mins

This might sound a bit awkward, but practice keeping a stool in your bathroom and use it to sit down straight under the lukewarm shower for two minutes with closed eyes

Feel the water dripping down your back and enjoy the calmness it brings with it

Frankly speaking I can actually sit there the whole day, but just do it for 2-3 minutes or at max 5 minutes otherwise you will be late

The relaxing effect it has is worth cherishing and this tip is indeed a must try

Make a habit of doing it daily while taking the shower and you will be bringing enormous calmness into your lifestyle 

Do try this and let us know in the comments below, for others to benefit from it too

9.  Have a Healthy Breakfast

Eat juicy fruits and veggies

One or two Eggs and some milk can simply do wonders in keeping your energy high throughout your day

Greek Yougart, Oatmeal are other great fits for a perfect breakfast

While eggs can help you reduce bad cholesterol while promoting the growth of good cholesterol, Greek Yougart will provide you protein and fiber

All of which can help you have a great energetic day

Having juicy fruits and veggies can further provide you with the much needed Vitamins for an overall development of body and mind

The cherry on the cake would be a glass of milk which is basically a complete diet for a perfect headstart

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10.  Keep your daily essentials in a basket near the door

This is the best practice that can save you a lot of hustle and chaos at the last moment while leaving your Home

Keep a basket near the front door of your house to keep all your daily essentials like watch, ring, tie, belt or any other accessory that you usually use to avoid last minute hassle

Avoiding these unnecessary hassle may seem very tiny but it can prevent you from ruining your day simply by keeping your mind free from the tension of missing out on some necessary accessory

Try these amazing tips and do leave a feedback below as a testimony that it helped you or simply leave your views on how or what more can actually help people have a perfect kickstart for the day !!!!

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