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How to Utilize Travel Time : 11 Tips to Commute Productively

How to Utilize Travel Time Productively

11 Tips to Make the most of your commute

How to Utilize Travel Time : 11 Tips to Commute Productively

Be it a drive, bus-ride, walk, bike-ride or a segway-ride to work, but the harsh reality is we are required to commute to work daily

People spend around 100 hours commuting yearly, that is just HUGE !!!

And it is very important to learn to utilize this time effectively for best productivity

Till the Time, teleportation comes into existence or work from Home is what companies start preferring over hiring work-spaces and paying for all the bills, commute is un-avoidable

So let's dive into some ways to make it fun and productive

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At a Glance

  • Discover the Type of Person You are
  • Listen to NEWS
  • Prepare for the Day in Advance
  • Practice some Breathing Exercises
  • Practice your Speech
  • Listen to Audio-books
  • Listen to some Educational Video
  • Get in Touch with your Friends and Family
  • Get to Know someone New
  • Check E-mails and Voice Messages
  • Enjoy the View and some Music

Let's have a deeper understanding of each one of these amazing tips

1.  Discover the Type of person You are

Are you a morning person or are you an evening person

Get to know yourself and accordingly choose what proportion of your Time to spend relaxing and what proportion to spend on productive things and hobby

If you are a morning person, then utilize that Time to Work on honing your skills and hobby, while utilizing the time back home at evening for some quick rest

Or if you are an evening person, then you can use the morning to rest while can work on some other skill in the evening

I would prefer working in the morning and relaxing in the evening, but it all depends from person to person so choose accordingly

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2.  Listen to NEWS

Listening to NEWS in the morning will give you a quick overlook at what is happening in the world and might give you some really important statistics to use in the conversation in the day to follow

But remember to restrict to a quick breather of a NEWS, don't waste your time getting into too much of knitty-gritty of non-essential NEWS

This is one of the best ways to build up a huge collection of daily awareness and a pool of knowledge about various world-wide topics

Whether driving, taking a bus ride, or a metro, this is something everyone can do while commuting

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3.  Prepare for the Day in Advance 

Create a list of all the actions or tasks you need to accomplish throughout the day

Arrange them in accordance to the priority and order you would be executing them

While travelling in a bus or metro, this can be either done on a notepad, your smart device or with the availability of smart apps can be simply spoken to your notepad

With the availability of Alexa and other such apps and softwares, you can simply speak your mind to notepad, even while driving your way to office

While driving take utmost care not to divert your attention of the steering and always follow the traffic rules

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4.  Practice some Breathing Exercises

What better than to work on your breathing to add some years to your Life, while commuting your way to office

There are ton of breathing exercises that can very easily be performed even while driving

While certain exercises can only be performed if you are not driving, choose the exercise that suits your situation the best

And one of the easiest being a simple slow deep breath intake followed by a gradual release of breath

Damn easy to execute, but the health benefits are magnanimous

There are several other breath control exercises available on Youtube and in the form of books for you to go through 

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5.  Practice your speech

This tip is more relevant for the people driving their way to office, or walking or simply taking a bike-ride to office

You can rehearse your speech or a conversation that you will be having in the day ahead well in advance

By going through it in the morning you might stumble upon certain questions that your client might ask as the conversation proceeds, so this gives you the time to plan your answers

Likewise, it will also enable you to look at different ways to start the conversation and see how it ends, thus giving you the advantage of choosing the best way to proceed

In a similar manner you can practice out your date in the evening commute to Home

6.  Listen to Audio-books

With the introduction of Audio-books, and read out loud books, you don't have to worry about straining your eyes in the vehicle

Just put on your ear-phone and you are good to go

Choose an informative audio book, that adds value to your daily Life and fills you with positive energy

Life lessons from various great entrepreneurs are a great read

There are tons of free audio-book available nowadays online

Choose the one that suits your type and listen to it while commuting to add priceless value to your Life

7.  Listen to some Educational Video

Just like Audio books, there are tons of free Educational Videos available online on Youtube

Videos on vast variety of topics ranging from motivational videos to simple makeup tips, to health and fitness awareness videos to geographical knowledge videos to simple daily life hack videos

There is everything that you can think about on Youtube

Just find out what you love and watch and learn from some really amazing free educational videos

Just like Youtube, there are tons of educational stuffs on Udemy and other such platforms too

8.  Get in touch with your Friends and Family

This might just be the perfect time for you to complete that conversation you could not continue because of an urgent meeting or that call you could not attend because of some busy schedule

Utilizing this time to complete those conversations will help you achieve a good balance between personal alone time and social time

It will save you good amount of time for self reflection and other self development activities like yoga and exercise when you are at Home

9.  Get to Know Someone New

This might appear a little too much, but if you are working in a corporate culture than you must already be knowing that in corporates, connections matter a lot

You may not realize the effect of a simple Hi-Hello followed by a simple exchange of numbers can do wonders in helping you crack that very important deal, because the person you exchanged numbers with a year ago, happen to work in that company

Similarly, building a network of like-minded people can help you accelerate your growth both spiritually and financially

At the very least you just happened to make a new friend and it is always better to have friends where you are supposed to go daily

10.  Check E-mails and Voice Messages

A quick look through the e-mails you received and the voice mails you received gives you an overview of the atmosphere at work and the things that you might have to face at work

This gives you an additional advantage of preparing your schedule and response to those situations well in advance

Don't waste too much time pondering over these formal stuffs as anyhow you will be going through them in detail at office

Just a quick look is more than enough !!!

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11.  Enjoy the View and some Music

Enjoy the view that you so religiously were ignoring all these days

Enjoy the good breeze and the church bells and trees standing waving you good morning and good bye everyday

This Life is too short to waste stressing all the Time, so learn to enjoy all that comes in the way

Use some calm sober music in the background to soothe your soul and refresh your spirit

I hope these tips will help you utilize your travel time more productively

Do share your views regarding what I missed that you practice or think can help utilize the commute time more productively !!!

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